What Are the Fastest Growing Indoor Plants

The beauty of gardening usually starts when you start to see the plants start to grow. There is nothing but pure excitement when you start to see some sprouts starting to form from where you have planted the seed or sometimes the stalk of the plant.

What Are the Fastest Growing Indoor Plants

Planting indoors can be a bit different from planting outdoors mainly because you need all sorts of equipment in order to make indoor plant growing successful. Once you have chosen all the right equipment though, you can expect that your plants will grow appropriately. Of course, there are some plants that can grow faster than others and if you want fast indoor growing plants, here are some that you may want to consider:

  • Cactus – This may seem surprising to you but cactus are plants that can grow indoors. One great thing about this is it does not need as much tending as other plants but as long as you have enough space for it, you can be sure that it will be good enough for all of your needs. Of course, special care may be required if you would choose a flowering cactus instead of a normal cactus.
  • Carrots – You may think that carrots can be complicated to grow mainly because the time that you see them, they are already at the grocery store or at the market but you have a chance to grow your own carrots. They can easily be harvested as well. Make sure that you will choose pots or plant boxes that are deep enough to give carrots room to grow.
  • Tomatoes – Growing tomatoes can be beneficial especially if you are going to place them near the windowsill wherein they can grow as vines. Of course there are some tomatoes that you can grow better from plant boxes. They usually grow fast and after some time, you will be harvesting amazing looking tomatoes.
  • Mushrooms – You have to remember that when it comes to mushrooms, they are plants that can be grown all year round. The great thing about this is that it can grow appropriately even when you do not water it that much. Just make sure that you will keep the temperature of the mushroom constant at 10 – 15 degrees Celsius. You can expect that you will see some mushrooms growing a few weeks after you have planted them.
  • Lemons – If you would like to grow one indoor plant, you can be sure that the lemon is a great fruit to grow. Lemons are known to be rich in vitamin C and can be effective in giving the body enough antioxidants to help get rid of free radicals and toxins. You will have enough lemons to harvest after some time to create meals and juices with the use of fresh lemons.

Which of the above mentioned plants would you like to grow first? You have to remember that herbs can also grow fast and you may all grow them together in one plant box. You may want to plant rosemary, thyme, basil and all the other herbs for your cooking needs.

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