TaoTronics TT-GL05 90W UFO Led Grow Lights Reviews

Be it in the rain or snow or even the extreme heat now we provide you with the best LED grow lights, the TaoTronics TT-GL05 UFO Led Grow Light 90W has a lot of features which will force you to take a look at this attractive product. These days’ indoor gardens are the trending fashion in many countries and to create the optimum environment for plants to grow. These grow lights not just provide the plants with the perfect conditions for photosynthesis and growth but are also able to produce healthier plants and increase the pace of the growth.

Some attractions of this TaoTronics TT-GL05 UFO 90W LED are:

Speedy growth

The growth of plants and vegetables are paced up with these LED grow lights. It is suitable for all stages of the plant growth and has LED grow panels for full spectrum of light and maximum energy production.

Major energy saver

Unlike many LED grow lights this TaoTronics TT-GL05 saves up to 90% energy. Energy consumption is very less but the output is beyond expectations.

Fits in anywhere

The LED grow light fits in at any corner of the greenhouse. The fear of heating up and spoilage due to over-heating is no more a matter of concern. 3 built in fans are present which cools down the LED lights automatically. These run smoothly and noiselessly cooling the whole gadget during the working. The requirement for external cooling equipment is not necessary anymore.

Understands the plants requirement

This LED grow light by TaoTronics can judge the requirement of each and every plant. It, like already said before is suitable for all stages of growth of the plant. Each plant needs different intensities of light at different stages. This grow light understands the plants stage and provides it with just the exact amount of light required. The exact wavelength of light which the plant can absorb during photosynthesis is provided.

Slim and attractive

The product weighs just about 5.2 pounds and measures 12.4 * 12 * 5.4 inches. The slim product looks really cool and attractive. When it is in use it has very elegant rays of light emitting through it which not just provides the plant with what it needs but also makes it looks really cool and sets up a beautiful ambience.

One must have complete knowledge of a product before they decide to buy it for themselves. Thus it becomes really necessary to know the different pros and cons of this product basically suggested by the customers who have already used it.


  • A large scale growth of plants can be facilitated by the use of this product. It has a large area covered under its lights.
  • The device is able to produce lights of a huge range of wavelengths suitable for the better absorption by plants during its various stages.
  • A very price sensitive product, available in the market at just $68.00.


  • Sometimes the intensity of the lights is so much that it might be harmful for the plant and has even seen instances of burnt leaf tips.

This product has also been categorized as one of the best LED grow lights opted by a number of people who are interested in gardening and has a passion for indoor gardening.  These points are just to guide you to choose from a number of base products. Just satisfying yourself by our reviews won’t be enough, get one of these grow lights for your greenhouse and see the difference for yourself.

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