TaoTronics 3W 6 Bands LED Grow Light

LED grow lights over the years have become a very essential as well as useful product for indoor gardening over the years. These lights make sure that your plants get their optimum growth and fertilization condition no matter what the atmospheric conditions are. They have been designed meticulously in such a way that you can have a hassle free indoor gardening experience. It ensures that you personally do not have to worry about the growth phase of the plant, the light does the work for you by judging the growth phase and providing suitable conditions for the same.

TaoTronics is one of the leading brands of grow lights these days and it has launched its latest product in the market of late which without any doubt has stood out in the lot and has been suggested by a large mass of customers all around. Its new product is very efficient and has become popular as a result. The TaoTronics 3W LED grow light has a lot of special attractive features which makes it such a recommended product.

Product specifications and features

  • It is a 6 band full spectrum LED grow light
  • 90% energy saving facility
  • 3 built in fans for cooling

Simple and easy to set up

The product has been designed in such a way that you can handle it at ease. You do not have to spend long time in setting it up in your indoor garden instead you can utilize the time nourishing your plants and planting new ones. The small LED light is very light and measures just 15.8 * 2.4 * 8.4 inches. You do not require a large space to install it as a result a small useful area of the room is enough.

Large spectrum light for optimum growth

It can produce 6 band wavelengths of lights thus making it a more personalized and efficient product. This is why it has become one of the top LED grow lights used these days. Each wavelength is suitable for different growth stages of the plant and the product can decide which one to use when by itself and give the optimum condition to each one of your plant as a result.

Saves you energy along with a few extra bucks

Unlike HPS grow lights and metal halides this device can save as much as 90% energy which is one of the most attractive features for those of you who are worried about wasting excess energy. The price of this product in the market today is also very affordable and inexpensive even though the performance is high quality, so it saves you some bucks there.

External heat removal is not essential

The makes know the exact factors of the product that you might be worried about and so they have made sure you do not have to worry about external cooling for your device even when it is in use for a long period of time at a stretch. It has been designed to contain 3 built in certified cooling fans which does not produce any noise and yet efficiently keeps your device cool while in use and makes it durable and long lasting in turn.

Small LEDs + proper arrangement = efficiency product

In this LED grow light there are 80 pieces of LED grow lights arranged in a beautiful way to increase the power of the product and make it more effective and useful for the purpose. The manufacturers know the and understand how much you can for your plants and hence make sure they do all that they can to ensure the good health of you hydroponic plants making it useful for all stages of a plant.

Some disadvantages

This high quality product has only one drawback and that is one or two LEDs out of the 80 small ones might be bad and stop working after a few days, but that again is not true for all products, only if you are unlucky you will get one such damaged product.

Overall, this product is one of best LED grow lights so far and so we suggest you get a firsthand experience with it rather than deciding by reviews and remarks only.

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