Seedsman – A Reliable Cannabis Seeds Source

One of the most challenging tasks for marijuana growers is finding legit and high-quality seeds in the market, seedsman got your back. Getting the best seeds is critical, as the final yields typically depend on the grade and originality of the seeds. Most growers go to the internet and buy their seeds online. When doing so, it is your best interest to select a reputable and reliable seed bank. Not only it will help guarantee your security and safety, but it would also keep you from being ripped off or scammed with inferior seeds or even no seeds at all!

Don’t fret, though! As the seed bank behemoth, Seedsman is here to make cannabis growing easier for you. Check out our thorough review of their best products and why it is considered one of the best online seed suppliers in the world. The reason this supplier earned the faith of most cannabis gardening enthusiasts.

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About Seedsman

Seedsman began operating in 2003, and after almost two decades, it climbed up to be one of the most trusted cannabis seed banks in the world. Their motto is to ensure a wide variety of gene pool of seeds to keep cannabis vibrant and healthy and guarantee more significant fields for future research.

This vision did not cease and continues to be enlivened by the company. Today, Seedbank supplies its customers with high-quality and genetically-viable seeds for their growing needs. The gene pool of these seed strains is varied, helping yield plants that are immune to most diseases and pests.

Moreover, the firm believes that there would come a day when each part of the world will legalize cultivation weeds, and the massive number of enthusiasts will profit from the conserved genetically viable cannabis strains. Seedsman utilizes a portion of its revenue to aid in helping speed up legalization processes, both in the UK and in the international circle. More than being just a reliable and trusted source of cannabis seeds, the company is striving to take the discussion around cannabis onward into the legal and political arena. Showing that they genuinely care for the future, it’s no wonder that Seedsman gained the trust and support of most growers around the globe.

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Benefits of Choosing Seedsman

Choosing Seedsman as your cannabis seeds provider gives you a multitude of benefits you can enjoy:

Wide collection. You get access to a vast selection of high-quality strains. These strains only come from credible breeders, who grow and breed their strains in-house. 

Seed selector. Find ease in selecting the best strain for your needs and your growing space. Enjoy their seed selector and find the suitable strains in a breeze.

Shipping. Seedsman ship to any country in the world. You can have your seeds delivered securely and discreetly via the stealth shipping method. 

Payment Method. You don’t have to worry about your transactions not pushing through. Seedsman offers an array of payment options, such as cash, bank transfer, cash, credit or debit cards, postal orders, money orders, or even Bitcoin.

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Seedsman Seeds Review

#1 Acid Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Acid is a sativa blended with indica hybrid, which was achieved through meticulous selection and backcrossing across many generations. It is, then, mixed with the Ruderalis genetics to provide it its auto-flowering element. The result is a plant that can strive almost anywhere, be it from greenhouses to your city windows. If you have limited grow space, this cannabis seed is an excellent option for you. Just give it more or less 75 days from germination to harvest. Its plant will thrive, seemingly like it always wants to grow vigorously. You can expect its main cola to be massive and healthy. Nevertheless, it’s relatively easy to trim, thanks to its high bud to leaf rate. Lastly, if you’re a Diesel fan, you’ll surely love this plant, be prepared for its frosty but reassuring sourness, sticking to the tradition.


  • Grows taller than typical autoflowering hybrid plants
  • Ample THC production
  • Highly aromatic


  • Longer flowering period

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#2 O.G. Kush Feminised Seeds

While its origin is still clouded with mystery and confusion, OG Kush has achieved prominence to most growers and the medical marijuana community. Its smell is enticing, striking, and blending the citrussy odor and detergent/diesel fuel aroma. Its strain is 3/4 indica, making it suitable to cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Plant the seeds indoors, and you can see your plants grow from 90-160cm in just 7-9 weeks. Expect to have buds that are dense and massive, plus lime green clusters enveloped with a significant amount of resin. When its comes to THC production, it’s typically high at 19% combined with medium CBD. What you’re bound is superb relaxation. No wonder that it has gained popularity among therapeutic users and growers looking to relieve pain, stress, and insomnia.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • High THC production
  • Great medicinal benefits


  • Mid-sized plant

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#3 Elixir CBD Regular Seeds

Crossing the CBD God and Harlequin Bx4 brought life to the Elixir CBD. Now, it’s an incredibly-useful high-CBD strain with lesser THC production. Being 60% sativa, it has a quicker flowering period but still provides a high terpene profile with excellent yields. This plant is fit for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and possesses a sweet berry scent and flavor. The mix of high CBD with lesser THC levels, provides a shallow yet uplifting effect, a quick of energy and better alertness. It is widely used for nausea, pain, and anxiety, and can even aid people trying to withdraw from stronger medicines.


  • Provides excellent yields
  • Quick flowering period
  • High CBD


  • Mellow effects

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#4 1024 Feminised Seeds

Being 70% sativa and 30% indica, the 1024 Feminised Seeds roll all great features into one, from taste, presence, smell, and production. It grows indoors within 2-3 weeks and then, flowers within 75-80 days, producing resinous buds. You can expect to obtain an ample 600g/m². It has a potent THC, ranging from 20%-25%, though the 23% and above rate can only be achieved if conditions are deemed optimal for the plant. Lastly, it has a complex flavor, which can be musky, sweet, fruity, or spicy, providing energizing hits that last for some time.


  • High THC
  • Complex flavor
  • Delivers ample yields


  • Longer flowering period

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All of the seeds from this list are surefire winners, knowing that they came from Seedsman, which is undeniably one of the most reputable cannabis seed banks in the market today. What will be the breaking point is what specific seed you want for your need. Regardless of which type you choose, make to get it from Seedsman, to ensure your security, safety, high-quality seeds, and prosperous yields!