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Galaxyhydro 6FL

GalaxyHydro LED Grow Lights: Quality Greens

Nothing is as vital to indoor gardening and hydroponics as LED grow lights. They are essential in providing a suitable environment for your greens to grow appropriately away from harsh weather and bugs. With the growing popularity of these devices, however, the …
black dog led

Black Dog LED Company and Product Review

Black Dog Led has been in the indoor gardening game since 2010. This company has been designing and manufacturing high-power, full-spectrum, and high yield grow lights. Being one of the main makers of LED grow lights, Black Dog LED has already explained to …
soil test kit

Best Soil Test Kit

This got me thinking, there’s a pH tester for water already, why do we need to have a pH Soil Test Kit? If you have taken Chemistry before, understanding pH is quite easy. pH stands for potential of Hydrogen which indicates the …