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GalaxyHydro LED Grow Lights: Quality Greens

Nothing is as vital to indoor gardening and hydroponics as LED grow lights. They are essential in providing a suitable environment for your greens to grow appropriately away from harsh weather and bugs. With the growing popularity of these devices, however, the …

Black Dog LED Company and Product Review

Black Dog Led has been in the indoor gardening game since 2010. This company has been designing and manufacturing high-power, full-spectrum, and high yield grow lights. Being one of the main makers of LED grow lights, Black Dog LED has already explained to …

Best Soil Test Kit

This got me thinking, there’s a pH tester for water already, why do we need to have a pH Soil Test Kit? If you have taken Chemistry before, understanding pH is quite easy. pH stands for potential of Hydrogen which indicates the …

Best Humidifier for Grow Rooms

Growing cannabis indoors has increased ever since it has been legalized in many countries. One of the few problems to fight in growing indoors is humidity, a very important factor when growing cannabis. Humidity plays a big role in the growth of …