MarsHydro Mars300 and Mars600 LED Grow Lights

MarsHydro Mars300 and Mars600 LED grow lights are safe, high-quality, compact grow lights that are perfect for indoor, hydroponic and greenhouse use. Many grow lights cost more than they should, but the MarsHydro Mars300 and Mars600 models are much more affordable products than many of their competitors. They are designed so that a wide range of flowers and plants react positively to these grow lights, leading to a safer growing environment and a better yield at the end of the growing life cycle.

 General Information

These grow lights include large cooling fans that help disperse heat in a much more even way. Their larger, higher-quality aluminum heatsink helps to achieve this too.

The MarsHydro Mars300 and Mars600 LED grow lights increase the likelihood of higher yields, thanks to their higher lumen, 5-watt high-intensity Epistar LED’s which contribute to providing stronger penetration.

When you are growing vegetables, you get a coverage of 2 foot by 2 foot (4 square foot). Coverage for bloom flowers is 1.5 foot by 1.5 foot (2.25 foot). Noise coming from these models reaches 56 decibels.

These products measure 12 inches by 8 inches by 3 inches. The estimated lifespan of these grow lights is approximately 50,000 to 100,000 hours. When you purchase this product, you receive one MarsHydro LED grow, a power cord and a steel hanging kit.


  • This grow light provides excellent light coverage and is very bright.
  • It’s a safe product to use because its VDE and plugs have obtained UL certification.
  • MarsHydro LED grow lights are affordable.
  • These products are well packaged and usually surrounded in foam.
  • They are compact products, so they work effectively in tight spaces.
  • Two cooling fans spread out the heat properly and these fans operate quietly.
  • These grow lights do not get very hot.
  • MarsHydro Mars300 and Mars600 LED grow lights are easy to install, start up and use.


  • Their small size may be an issue for users who want more coverage.
  • Some users believe the T5 florescent fixtures work slightly better.
  • Some gardeners have complained that the fans can be loud at times.

The MarsHydro Mars300 and Mars600 LED grow lights are extremely popular with a wide range of gardeners and people who want to grow indoor plants and flowers successfully. Their price, effectiveness, and safety, ensure that you have a more affordable indoor lighting option that will still give you a high yield.