How To Maintain A Leaf Blower

To keep a leaf blower running you ought to pay a bit of careful attention towards it. By maximizing its life you would adopting a cost-effective measure. Given below are a few guidelines that could be kept in mind to help you maintain your leaf blower for a time longer than anticipated.

For Daily Checks

  • Clean the surface of the machine with a dry cloth to avoid the gathering of stubborn stains on it.
  • Ensure the working of the throttle trigger and throttle lock once you are done cleaning the external surface of your leaf blower.
  • Make sure that the stop switch of the blower is working properly.
  • Make sure of the screws being tight and the nuts being fixed.
  • Check the machine to ensure that it’s free of cracks.
  • Check the collection bag to ensure it’s free or wears and tears and is absolutely clean.
  • Check on your collection bag’s zipper to know that it is intact and working.
  • Clean the filters of your garden leaf blower on a regular basis.
  • Replace filters if you think it’s necessary. This can help you avoid upcoming damages in the blower.

Weekly Checks For Major Maintenance

  • Check the device on a weekly basis to know that it’s working and has the capacity to start of well. By following this step you are also likely to gain knowledge about the workability of the starter cord.
  • Check for the air intake of the device as this should be free of debris, dirt and clogs.
  • Make sure of the fact that the anti-vibration fronts aren’t broken or damaged.
  • Clean the arrest screen with cloth to help it maintain its shine.
  • Ensure cleaning the fan blades to free from debris and dust stuck to them if kept away from regular use.
  • Unscrew the park plug to give it a good cleaning.
  • Readjust the electrode gap or change the spark plug regularly to ensure a good start the moment it’s been plugged into the socket.
  • Make sure to clean the carburetor hole in the leaf blower.
  • Clean the air filer and replace it if necessary.

Monthly Checks For A Longer Lifespan

  • Flush the fuel tank of the garden leaf blower with adequate amount of clean gasoline.
  • Clean the space around the carburetor on a monthly basis to free it of the assortment of dust stuck to it.
  • Examine the arrest screen of the muffler to check for cracks and replace it if required.

A garden leaf blower is an essential equipment to keep your garden clean and sparkly. Having this equipment working, without ensuring its cleanliness would simply be a setback for your garden. The tips given above should be borne in mind and practiced to maintain and elongate the lifespan of your tool- your leaf blower. If the tips mentioned above are neglected you might end up spending a lot of money on either repairing them or buying new leaf blowers on a regular basis. Hence, get into maintenance!

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