How to choose The Best Led Grow Lights?

If you are a horticulture enthusiast, then you must be working with LED grow lights every day and rightfully so. This form of lighting has indeed brought about a revolution in the world of grow lighting. You no more have to depend on the high power consuming HPS lights. The best LED grow lights have a number of advantages and you know that! But how to choose the best LED grow lights?


There is a plethora of choices for you in the market. But how do you make a choice for yourself? Which one is the best LED grow light for you? Let us go through some criteria which will help you decide.

  • Adjustable Output Spectrum

If you are an experienced plant grower, then you know how important the varying intensities of light prove to be. LED lights are dimmable ones. A good quality grow light should give you the possibility of adjusting the intensity of light to the user or grower. This way it will be easy for you to bring about seasonal changes in light emission. What this does is provide to the plants a more natural environment of growth. Let us take you through an example. Blue light is significant of the summer sun while the redder shades indicate the fall! Both of these are required for the growth of the plants.

  • Cooling system

A lot of us have the tendency to ignore this factor. But this is rather important! The problem is that plants cannot thrive in an environment of extreme heat. This ruins the balance of the environment for them. So when you are about to select an LED grow light make sure that your device has a proper heat sink. When more heat is collected in the grow room, your plants will find it difficult to live. There has to be either a heat sink or a duct that lets the heat out. The best option here is to go for LEDs that have MCPCB or metal core printed circuit board. This is an advanced piece of technology that is mainly used by devices that are run at high temperatures. There are also fans that are available with the lighting system which help cool the environment. However, the fans might get noisy. So, check this feature before your purchase a light panel.

  • Constant-Current Driver Circuit

The functioning of the LED lights is rather simple. The electronic circuit that powers the LED panel converts AC power to DC power for proper usage. So, a constant DC current has to be maintained even when the voltage keeps changing. The ideal situation is to have a circuit that keeps changing the voltage while the current remains constant and not the other way round. So while selecting a LED grow light for yourself, make sure you notice the term ‘constant-current.’ This will keep your LED lights protected. The current varying feature might prove to be detrimental for your lights and thus plant health.

  • Power of the diode chip set

The purpose of the LED grow lights is to penetrate the canopy of the plant. Now, the single watt ones are too weak to carry out this function. On the other hand, if you consider the 10 watt chips, these generate too much heat and are once again harmful for the plants. So what is your option here? The best way would be to go for 3 watt chips. These do not produce excess heat, are durable, and can be easily incorporated in the lighting system. So, be careful of this factor while making a choice.

  • Purpose of grow lights

It is imperative that you are clear about the purpose of getting these grow lights; whether these are to be used for horticulture or hydroponic planting or the likes. A clear knowledge of this will help you narrow down your choice and get the most suitable product for yourself!

  • Expert-tested!

Trust us on this one, the experts are the best judges of the LED lights! The best LED grow lights reviews consists not only of a description of features of the best products, but also the positives and negatives of using the product in a more practical light. So make sure you do a thorough research for yourself in this field.

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