How to Choose the Best HPS Grow Lights

If you would like to grow plants indoors, you know that the best option is to check out plant grow lights. As you know there are different types that are available so it may be hard to make a choice. Out of all the light types one of the oldest one are HPS, and you may benefit with trying out HPS Grow lights since they are cheap, modular, and give a¬†good yield especially when growing cannabis. So let’s have a look on how to choose the best HPS grow lights!


HPS Grow Lights are also known as High Pressure Sodium Lights. They are considered to be suitable when you are trying to grow large plants. You may also consider this if you would need to place the lights a bit far from your plants. They may burn your plants if they are put too close so make sure that they will be correctly positioned for your plants.

Advantages of HPS Grow Lights

  • Powerful – You can be sure that growing your plants will be easy to do.
  • Ideal Lighting Emitted – If in case you are a bit unsure with how you are going to make the plants grow, remember that HPS can produce the type of light that you are searching for.
  • Easy to Purchase – You just need to look for HPS Grow Lights and you will ideally find some that you may consider to buy.

Disadvantage of HPS Grow Lights

  • Can Produce Too Much Heat – Like mentioned earlier, they may become too hot for your plants so your plants may die when the lights are placed in the wrong place.

Now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages that you can get, it will be ideal if you could get to know various details on how you can choose the right lights. Here are some things to consider:


No matter what you say, you do know that the cost of the lights will matter a lot when you are trying to make a decision. Some types of lights like LED grow lights cost you a lot of money upfront, while there are also some that will will not be too expensive like HPS. Know your budget and check out the HPS grow lights in that price range so you can easily make a choice.


The wattage of the HPS lights that you are going to purchase will depend on the number of plants that you need to grow. If you are only trying to grow about 3 – 5 plants, HPS lights with 250W will already be ideal. It will depend on you and what you are planning to get.


Where you are going to place your HPS lights will matter a lot. If you need to close it from time to time, this would be bad for your plants especially if the area is too cold for them. Make sure to place the HPS lights in the right area as this can be beneficial for your plants as well. Most of the times when you use HPS grow lights, it is very helpful to grow your plants within a grow tent.

Now that you know the various things you can consider, you can be pretty sure that you will find the right HPS lights that will make your indoor plants grow the way that you want them to.

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