The Most Important Conditions for Growing Marijuana

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a marijuana plant? Growing your weed is something that excites many people. So if you’re one of them, you should remember one thing- it’s not a piece of cake. Well, growing one plant may be easy, but making sure it’s healthy may be a challenge.

There are many factors you ought to take into consideration when growing your plant. Light, temperature, air circulation, irrigation, and humidity have to be perfect for your plant if you want to make sure it’s healthy and tasteful.

Too much work? You can always visit and buy yourself some top quality weed. But if you’re ambitious and want to find out how your cannabis can taste, below, you’ll find the necessary conditions for marijuana growing.


Every plant needs water to grow appropriately, marijuana is no exception. Proper nourishment is essential to cannabis plants, as it plays a crucial role in the whole sustainability process of your plant. Water gives marijuana its vigour and flexibility, and it also regulates the plant’s internal temperature.

If you overwater your plant, its roots can choke in search of oxygen. Whereas when you underwater it, your weed will become thirsty and won’t be able to regulate its temperature.

That’s why it’s so crucial to make sure that your plant has enough water to grow properly. One good thing is that if you mess up, watering mistakes are easy to correct.


The amount of light you provide to your plant is essential for its healthy growth. Moreover, it determines your yields. You have to make sure that your light is bright, but not too bright. Otherwise, your yields will be smaller no matter what else you do.

What’s more, the light affects how your plant grows as well. The color spectrum of light can make your plant more bushy and squat or lean and tall. By choosing the right amount and shade of light, you optimize your plant’s growth, so make sure you do your research thoroughly.


Adjusting the right temperature is one of the essential factors if you want to ensure that your plant grows appropriately. For example, in hot temperatures, cannabis plants can lose moisture, whereas low ones can make it stop absorbing and circulating vital nutrients.

The ideal temperature for your plant is within the range of 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t experiment with going above or under this range. Stick to it, and you can be sure that your plant will grow healthy.


When it comes to humidity, you don’t have to worry about it as much as for temperature. Unless it’s too high or too low, moisture shouldn’t cause any significant problems to your plant. There are a few tricks to improve your plant’s growth, though.

Optimal humidity depends on the stage of your plant’s growth. It would help if you decreased your humidity as the whole growth process advances. Start from 60-70 % with clones, and end up with 40-50 % at the final stage.

Too high humidity can lead your plant to slower growth, mold and bud rot. Too low humidity can also cause slower growth, and in addition to that leaf stress.

Air Circulation

If you want to make sure your plant grows faster, make sure you provide it with plenty of fresh air and some gentle breeze. Decent air circulation is a useful tool to help defend your plant against bud rot, white powdery mildew and cannabis pests like gnats or spider mites.

Make sure that the air over and under your plant is moving. You don’t have to point your fan directly at the plant, make sure that it gently rustles its leaves. Air circulation can also vent out heat from your lamps to provide them from getting too hot.

Invest in one or two oscillating fans, and you’ll see, or rather taste the effects after you harvest your yields.

growing cannabis

The Importance of A Healthy Plant

When you grow any plant, you want it to be healthy. You need to check what are your plant’s needs and how to take care of it properly. The same two things apply to marijuana growing. However, when it comes to cannabis, creating an adequate environment is even more vital.

Why? Because you probably want to consume your plants’ flowers, and therefore you need to make sure they taste good and won’t have a bad influence on your health. So before you start growing weed, do research and find out how to take care of your plant.

The healthier weed you grow, the better it tastes, so it’s worth taking a little attention. Also, before you start growing your plant, make sure that it’s legal in your state. You don’t want to end up in jail just for a little gardening, do you?