Growing marijuana with LED lights

It has become a trend these days to grow plants indoors and when it comes to growing marijuana for your own purposes, indoors is the best thing. A small greenhouse is something you will see in a number of households today for the purpose and for growing other plants as well. Now those of you who are yet to have a greenhouse or not having a positive result from it, take a look at the LED lights available in the markets. These LED lights are versatile requirements for your greenhouse and are available at various prices in the markets today. For successfully growing marijuana with LED lights, it is important to understand that LED grow lights come in different designs, wattages, and specifications and you have to choose carefully what works best for your particular setup.


What do the LED lights do?

Now, many of you might be wondering what the LED does actually in case of enhancing the growth of marijuana? LED lights are those lights which use very little electricity and provide a suitable condition for the growth of plants no matter what the conditions are outdoors. They are able to produce an optimal temperature and light source to the plants, which is required for the various stages of its growth and maturation.

In the case of marijuana, the plant requires very little heat. Hence it could even be grown conveniently in a small cupboard in your house, although a grow tent helps you to do it more professionally. It saves you the extra bucks of going to the market to buy it. Growing marijuana is specifically a money saver in the long run for all those of you who need it for the medical or recreational purpose more or less regularly in a large amount.

Growing marijuana

Marijuana is one of those medically essential plants which used to be grown on a large scale in many countries. Now it has gained greater importance and thus a lot of people have started growing them in their indoor gardens to save the cost of buying them. To growing marijuana with led lights, the household environment LED grow lights are very essential and have proved to be very useful for a number of indoor gardeners.

Marijuana needs a very mild condition to grow and bloom with flowers. The LED grow lights provide suitable conditions for the various stages of its growth. The best LED grow lights can adjust themselves automatically and provide just the right amount of light for the marijuana to photosynthesize and flower, which in turn can be used for the specified medicinal or recreational purpose.

Why LED lights?

It is true that a number of best LED grow lights are available in the market to meet the needs and requirements of the customers. But now the question comes as to why do we need to use LED light when we could just do it in some open garden outdoors? The answer would be LED grow light can provide a temperature suitable for the growth of the marijuana plant, which is a moderate one, even when the temperature outside or the weather conditions are not favorable.

LED grow lights are also able to produce the correct wavelengths of light and in the appropriate colors which can be absorbed and utilized to the maximum extent by the plant and the best possible growth of the plant can occur. Growing marijuana with LED lights is also safe. This is because the best quality plants are obtained and it is disease free and pure. Such plants will be able to produce the maximum therapeutic effect.

Thus it is advisable to use LED grow lights for growing marijuana which is safer to consume, best quality and the whole process is not as costly as regularly buying marijuana is.

Best LED Lights for Growing Weed

When choosing led lights for growing weed, you need to take note of some things. Make sure that a good quality grow light should give you the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the light to the user or grower. This way it will be easy for you to bring about seasonal changes in light emission.

Second is the cooling system, when you are about to select an LED grow light, make sure that your device has a proper heat sink. When more heat is collected in the grow room, your plants will find it difficult to live. The best option here is to go for LEDs that have MCPCB or metal core printed circuit board. There are also fans that are available with the lighting system which helps cool the environment. However, fans might get noisy.

Third, the electronic circuit that powers the LED panel converts AC power to DC power for proper usage. So, a constant DC current has to be maintained even when the voltage keeps changing. So while selecting a LED grow light for yourself, remember the term ‘constant-current.’ This will keep your LED lights protected.

Fourthly, the Power of the diode chipset. The best way would be to go for 3-watt chips. These do not produce excessive heat, durable, and can be easily incorporated in the lighting system.


This LED grow light is manufactured by Apollo, a popular name in the world of hydroponics. They are small, compact and equally powerful. Besides, it’s really light in weight and is equipped with a highly effective running fan to enhance ventilation. It’s appropriate for anyone who is starting out as the company is known to manufacture high-quality LEDs and even better, it comes with a two-year warranty.


Galaxyhydro also has a medium-range 300W LED grow light of its own. It is a popular mid LED grow light and the 300W light are ideal for both small and medium indoor grows. If you want an upgrade to the cheaper 54W LED Grow Light Bar than this 300W LED grow light is going to be the ultimate package for you.


The TaoTronics LED Plant Grow Light is the perfect complement to your indoor plant growing endeavors. It is appropriate for seedlings as well as cloning as these processes do not require intense LED lights. Because of its soft and subtle lighting effect, it can effectively copy the conditions of natural sunlight.

Best T5 Grow Lights

T5 grow lights are also an energy-efficient choice for your indoor growing needs. At 100 lumens per watt, they use way less energy than traditional grow lights. Like LED’s, best T5 grow lights put off relatively little heat (meaning that they can be placed closer to your plants without damaging them). They have a high life expectancy of about 20,000 hours.


This grow light favors you too choose various hanging configurations to meet you design needs. Combined the German Specular Aluminum with energy-efficient/high output T5 grow light bulbs and come through double the light energy normal fluorescent systems. Delivers performance, high lumen output, and flexibility in any growing environment.


Each of Lightingwise High Output T5 Bulb produces an Outstanding 5,000 Lumens. This grow light is made to offer you the best benefits. This T5 grow light is designed to contend with high intensity discharge bulbs in terms of light intensity output. Consumes less energy.


This T5 led grow light can be operated vertically or horizontally so you can choose the best fit for your grow room. Made with European highly reflective aluminum interior which is perfect for the vegetative growth period of your plants.

Best Full Spectrum LED Lights


This LED grow light is perfect for your in house garden! You can grow your plants and practice horticulture with these lights. Let us now look in to the pros and cons of the product.

GalaxyhydroTM 300w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

The LED lights are kept in the grow room with your plants. Now you know that the vegetation needs an optimum temperature and sufficient heat in order to work well. These grow lights come with a fan in order to maintain the temperature so that the plants have a proper living environment.

Apollo GL80X5LED Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

For large scale use. Growing plants at an optimum temperature for a particular phase of its growth is very important for a healthy plant. So growing them indoors and then if you wish you can bring them out in the open at the natural environment is what you should be doing for beautiful plant growth in your garden.

To Sum it all up

If you’re looking to transition out of your old HID or fluorescent lighting system, you can’t go wrong with upgrading to either LED’s, T5’s or to Full Spectrum. Which system you go with will largely depend on your budget. LED’s definitely outperformed T5’s in energy efficiency and life expectancy. This means that while the upfront cost will be more, the long term savings will add up. Some people do a combination of the two as they transition from their outdated systems. No matter which system you go with, you’ll find that having more space, less maintenance, and using less energy will make your investment well worth it!