GalaxyhydroTM 300w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Reviews

LED grow lights are the need of the hour now! This is especially true if you are into horticulture or love having that beautiful indoor garden at home. Gardening has never easier than this. Led grow lights have a number of advantages to offer. These consume less energy, save space and are very effective for improving and maintaining plant health. Choosing the most apt LED grow light will never be easy. There are various specifications and requirements. Keeping in mind this concept, we bring to the GalaxyhydroTM 300w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review. This is undoubtedly one of the best products in the market. In this review, we will tell you why!

Firstly, let us have a look at some of the most important features of the product:

  • These grow lights have dimensions of Dimension: 15.8 x 8.3 x 2.4 inches.
  • It works well with a combination of 3 watt Branded Epileds. This ensures that your plants get the maximum light and energy all the time.
  • The grow lights have the perfect mixture of ultraviolet and infrared radiation. These two help in the process of sterilization, activating and promoting cell division and for augmenting the yield of the plants, along with stimulating photosynthesis.
  • One of the best parts about this LED grow light is the presence of the zener diodes. This basically as a capacitor and protects the LED light. In case there is one light malfunctioning or dying out, the rest of the panel keeps working.
  • The light also is able to work in a wide range of spectrum: 9 bands.

The mere features are not enough to gauge the performance of the LED grow light. We need to dig deeper. Let us now focus on the pros and cons of the product in order to have a good idea about it.


Ul approved fans

The LED lights are kept in the grow room with your plants. Now you know that the vegetation needs an optimum temperature and sufficient heat in order to work well. These grow lights come with a fan in order to maintain the temperature so that the plants have a proper living environment. Moreover, the fans are not loud and do not disturb the balance of the room.

Aluminum PCB

One of the most attractive features of this product is the Aluminum PCB. This works well to remain 80 % cooler than the other HID lights. The plants are able to thrive in these suitably cool conditions.


You will only realize how easy and convenient these lights are once you start using them. There are two plugs and one switch. This makes the operations of the LED grow lights a lot simpler.


We have seen a number of pros in the product. Now comes the warranty that is the perfect testament to the performance of the LED grow lights. The product comes with a 2 year warranty. Add to that the hassles free maintenance of the product and your best LED grow lights are ready for you!


Time to Work

Some of the users have noticed that a few of the lights don’t work right at the beginning.

Short Cord

The LED grow light does not have a long enough cord. So, an extension cord will be mandatory in this case.

Overall, this product has been a revolutionary one in the world of grow lights. Through this GalaxyhydroTM 300w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review, we hope that you have been able to make your choice for the perfect grow light for your indoor garden!

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