G8LED 450 Watt LED Grow Light with Optimal 8-Band Reviews

Nurturing plants indoors in the home environment is one of the trending hobbies of many gardeners today. Now the concept of gardening is no more limited to outdoor gardens, many prefer indoor gardens when it comes to plant quality. In case of maintenance of an indoor garden a LED grow light is very essential. Various kinds of LED grow lights are available in the markets today and this G8LED 450 watt LED grow light one of the top among our range of best LED grow lights. It has a huge number of satisfied customers all over the world. LED grow lights provide the best suitable conditions for the growth of the plant and it can also make it disease and pest free.

The reason why this LED grow lights are so popular is because it can work well even in the worst of the temperatures and weather conditions and is able to provide a favorable environment to the plants indoors no matter what. LED grow lights gained a lot of importance in the past few years and are being used on a large scale by almost all the indoor gardeners and large scale owners. G8LED LED lights are known to be the LED grow lights. There are a lot of grow lights to choose from. You should know the various features of the G8LED 450 watt glow light before you select it. Some specifications and features of this LED grow light are:

  • LED with IR and UV band wavelength

The band wavelength ranges from UV to IR along with a lot of other wavelengths in between. This makes is possible for the light to be optimum for the growth of the plant at all the different stages of its life. Ballast is not required and the grow light can be plugged in and used for a time period of 24 hours at a stretch.

  • High penetration ability

The penetration of this light is more than 60 inches through the plant canopy. This allows the rays of light to reach the deepest corners of the plants. These lights have a penetration of about 12 square feet or greater.

  • Beautifully designed

The LED lights do not high cheap diodes and aluminum sheets and LED panels. It gives high quality lights and an even higher performance by them. It is higher yield and long lasting quality.

  • Warranty available

A two year customer warranty is available along with the product. In case of any product related problems the customer can avail the warranty.

  • Plug-in use and easy installation

The installation of the LED lights is very easy. A power cord is available that can be plugged in for 24 hour use. This 450watt LED light can make use of the minimum electricity and give the maximum output. Some not to favorable features of this product are:

  • For some cases the LEDs light might get burned after some months, but this is just a rare case. For this you can talk to your dealer.
  • For pro gardeners this is not a suitable unit as this is just a simple beginner version of the LED grow lights.
  • The price for the product is also a little over budget.

Overall the product is a good buy for the indoor gardeners who seem to be starting their gardening. We advise you to go through our best LED grow lights reviews before selecting the G8LED 450 watt LED lights as your choice. G8LED is one of the best LED lights that are available in the markets today.