EnviroGro FLT24 2-Ft, 4-Tube Fixture Review

If there is something that has caught the eye of most people around the world then it is the sudden rise of led glow lights. Off late there has been a trend where people are regularly buying glow lights for their indoor gardens. You might give the credit to the beauty of glow lights or to the sudden surge of people to make indoor gardens in their homes. One thing that has been a constant all throughout is that glow lights are actually very helpful. These glow lights have a lot of positives in them which has made them a fan favourite in almost no time. One of the many things that make glow lights so attractive is the fact that they use a lot less power as compared to any other cfl lights. This EnviroGro FLT24 Fixture Review will show how why LEDs have become the talk of the town overnight.

In order to get familiar to this light, let us first look at the features of the product:

The power of lumen

One thing that makes this glow lights so attractive is the fact that they give a lot of luminosity as compared to any other LEDs within the same category.  EnviroGro FLT24 2-FT fixture has a lumen output of 8000 which is something that you rarely see. It has been observed that this amount of light is more than enough for a single grid which contains close to 10-12 plants.

The Power Usage

One thing that people look for in their lights is that, what is the amount of power being used by the lights. We have to understand that in respect to that as well this is a product that stands out. It uses a lot less power than most LED grow lights but still provides sufficient or even more brightness. So as a result they help the owner of the garden to save money on the electricity expenses.

The independence of installation

One thing that you will probably want to have in your grow light is the independence of placing it anywhere you want. The reason for it is that sometimes you need to put the grow light in particular places to provide better light to the plants. Here you will have the option of placing the light horizontally, vertically and upward. This is something that you need to check before buying a grow light.

The beauty of color temperature

One thing that these grow lights have perfected is the color temperature of the lights. The color temperature of the lights is a perfect 6400K which is perfect for the plants. It has been seen that plants were getting ample light for proper photosynthesis which only substantiates the fact the temperature of the light is good.

The sturdy framework

It is possible and normal to have a certain level of moisture in the indoor gardens and in order to fight that extra moisture, the manufacturers have made sure that the aluminum framework is power coated for an extra layer of protection.

In order to make sure that this is the light for you let us look at some of the pros and cons of the product.


  • It has a lumen output of 8000
  • You can put it across the garden in multiple positions
  • It provides enough light for the growth of the plant


  • The hangars and suspenders could be better and help in raising the lights better.

After thorough checking of all the aspects of the products we can come to a conclusion that it is indeed a good product and you can try it. The EnviroGro FLT24 2 Feet 4 Tube Fixture Review was drafted to make the readers accustomed to the product and they are the ultimate decider but we request you to choose wisely for that beautiful indoor garden of yours.

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