The Best 300w LED Grow Light Reviews

Finding the right 300w led grow light for a small space can be tricky. You will need the right balance of power and intensity. The light needs to be powerful enough to facilitate growth, but not too intense that it will burn the plants. Fortunately, these lights do exist. 

300 Watt LED grow lights are the perfect compromise of size and intensity. Many of the options available are as good as their larger and more powerful counterparts but are built for smaller gardens. 

What To Consider Before Buying A 300-Watt LED Grow Light 

Not all 300-watt LED grow lights are created equal. There are a couple of things you need to look at when shopping for one. 


You need to look at how large an area your 300-watt LED grow light can cover. If the light has small coverage, you may need additional units, which will be more expensive. You will want the light coverage to match up to the area your garden actually covers.

Brand And Price

If you are a beginner, you will want to select the cheaper option to test things out. A more experienced grower or an enthusiast, however, would want the higher-quality and priced option. 

The brand also determines quality. If you strive for maximum excellence, then go for a well-known and established brand. 

There is the right 300w led grow light for every budget !


A full spectrum 300-watt LED grow light, complete with ultraviolet and infrared bulbs, is vital for plant growth. They ensure maximum yields, facilitate growth during different stages, and cost less over time.  

Electrical Efficiency 

An LED grow light typically runs for at least 10 to 12 hours per day. You need to know the total output and compare it with the efficiency to identify the most optimal light. 

Safety Mechanism 

Cooling fans, heat sinks, systems to avoid electrical overload, and other safety mechanisms in place make that 300-watt LED grow light an attractive option. 

The Best 300-Watt LED Grow Lights 

These are the best 300-watt LED grow lights available in the market today. They combine durability and quality into a compact grow light, which is reasonably priced.


The VIPARSPECTRA 300watt LED grow light is a reasonably priced light for the quality it has. The product is UL certified, meaning it has surpassed rigorous testing and meets safety standards. It also has the full spectrum, providing plants with the needed light starting from vegetation to bloom.  

This 300-watt LED grow light has an upgraded aluminum heat sink as well as cooling fans to help dissipate heat. The fire-resistant and durable housing adds another layer of security. 

The product is compact and has small coverage. However, that can be remedied through VIPARSPECTRA’s daisy chain feature. Multiple units of these 300-watt LED grow lights can be connected to cover more space. 


  • Full light spectrum from improved LED chip
  • Power-efficient; consumes only 130 watts but has an output comparable to 300 watts 
  • Aluminum heat sinks and cooling fans help lessen heat 
  • Compact build 
  • Daisy chain outlet allows for connecting units 


  • Small individual coverage 
  • LEDs may break easily 


The Vivosun 300-watt LED grow light packs a punch, with power for bloom and maximum light output at different distances. This light sports intense penetration so that the light reaches even the bottommost part of your plant. Combining it with the full spectrum scale, Vivosun is a great grow light for the whole growing process. 

The massive 5” cooling fan, along with the large heat sink, has no problem of dissipating heat. In addition to that, the product runs at an optimal temperature and consumes only 135 watts for a 300-watt output. The design and construction make it so that there is less heat, extending the life of the grow light. Vivosun is a solid 300-watt grow light for both beginner and enthusiast. 


  • Reflector design that does not interfere with the effect of the light 
  • Intense light can penetrate canopies
  • Full-spectrum of light 
  • Large heatsink and fan controls heat well 
  • Energy efficient


  • Small Coverage 

Bozily 300-Watt LED Grow Light Panel “Best Cost-Benefit” 

This 300watt LED grow light is much larger when it comes to the area it covers at 2.75 by 2.75 feet. It has full-spectrum diodes, the same as the other lights on the list. What it has, however, is all-white light. White contains all colors of light, so these are generally preferred than grow lights with blue and red only. 

The most significant advantage of the panel design is a more even spread of light. If you want to grow more plants but over a larger space, then this 300-watt LED grow light will do the trick. 


  • Full-spectrum light 
  • Covers a large area 
  • Efficient power usage 
  • Built-in times 
  • Silent operation 


  • Less power than some other top brands 
  • No fans 
  • No adjustable ratchet hangers included in the purchase

Those of you who are accustomed with gardening and growing plants indoor must be aware of LED grow lights. For those of you who are yet to know what LED grow lights are, in simple words, it is a device that will help you prepare an optimum atmosphere for your plants indoors whatever be the weather condition outdoors. Galaxyhydro has brought out its newest model of 300w LED grow light and it has become a very popular product overnight. A lot of customers are buying this product and happily using it for their plants.

Dimmable Full Spectrum 300w LED Grow Light

Dimmable Full Spectrum 300w LED Grow Light

Some noticeable features of this product are:

  • The output voltage is 300 watt only
  • 100 very powerful LED lights are used
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • It can give 9 wavelength of lights such as 430~440nm, 610~615nm, 620~630nm, white, IR, 450~460nm, 650~660nm, UV 380~400nm, 470nm.
  • It comes with a 2 year warranty and a lifespan of 50000 hours

Package consists of:

The small package comes with all that you would require to set us and use the product for your plants. They are:

  • 1 LED grow light
  • 1 Power cord
  • 1 stainless steel hanger to fix the product
  • Screws

Dimmable grow light

This product has been used for all stages of plant growth. Like never before, the grow lights can be dimmed or its intensity controlled as per requirement. This is one of the most attractive features of the product.

Admirable design

The professional designers have done quite well to bring out a beautiful product. The LED lights have been arranged on a metallic box in such a way so that the perfect amount of illumination is given to the plants for which it has been used. The light can be rotated at ease just by using a button present on the device.

Daisy chain connection is possible

This is one of the top LED grow lights available these days in the markets and can be used to in a series. A number of such LED lights can be connected conveniently in series to produce higher power and cover a considerably large area for indoor plant growth.

Huge range of wavelength is covered

The device covers a large range of wavelength right from infrared spectrum followed by white light and also the ultraviolet spectrum of light. The manufacturers have made sure they take full care of the plant growth system and consider the fact that when growing plant indoors, the plants require different wavelengths of light at different stages of growth. The device very intelligently provides just the right amount and the right kind of light for the plant growth phase for its optimum growth.

Small yet convenient package

The shipment package is very small and the LED light, light weight but it is very efficient and useful in its performance.

Saves time, money as well as energy

Setting this device up and using it is as easy as a pie. No cost of installation or professional help is required and the overall cost of the product is also pretty affordable. So overall it saves a lot for your pocket.

Like every other product this Galaxyhydro 300w LED grow lights also has a few drawbacks which only few customers have complained of. One of which is that even though the LED lights are well arranged on the device, the light from them are not well distributed. It provides different growth rate or rather different effect largely based on its angle to the plant or its distance from the plant.

The second drawback is again with the LED lights which if you are very unlucky will not give you as much power as you desire most of the time. Finally some people have also complained about the stainless steel casing. It is claimed to be somewhat less durable. But if you overlook these minor flaws the overall product will definitely stand out for you in our list of best LED grow lights

Hence we would suggest you don’t judge the product based on our reviews alone but experience it yourself. Buy this Galaxyhydro 300w led grow light product for your indoor plants today and see the difference.

If you want to check out another great manufacturer of grow lights, you can find more here.

Final Words

A 300-watt LED grow light is the perfect option for a small indoor garden. It is compact and not too intense that it will burn the plants inside your grow tent. These are the best 300-watt LED grow lights available today and should be your first choices when planning to purchase one.

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