The best cheap LED Grow Lights


Growing with LED lights is one of the most advanced technology for nurturing indoor plants that has numerous advantages. The cutting-edge technology of LED grow lights enable indoors plants to grow under optimal light intensity for perfect products. And the best part? LED grow lights are extremely affordable. If you think that you cannot find cheap LED grow lights under USD 50 then think again. Besides, those cheap LED grow lights are extremely energy efficient, really easy to install and set up, and can efficiently be used throughout a plant’s full life cycle.
There are many factors that can determine the type of LED grow light that is effective for your plants. These factors include LED grow light spectrum, light output, canopy penetration, coverage area, and the cost.
We have reviewed the best and most popular cheap LED grow lights under USD 50, Under USD 100, and under USD 200.

The best cheap LED Grow Lights under $50

1. Galaxyhydro 54W LED Grow Light Bar

If you’re looking for a legitimate brand that offers one of the best lines of LED grow lights, Galaxyhydro should be among your list of choices. If you’re looking for a sub $50 LED grow light, their 54W LED Grow Light Bar will provide a bang for your buck. This is an impressive cheap LED grow light manufactured by GalaxyHydro. It’s made of high-quality materials and can last long with its extreme lighting output. It is a bar LED grow light that is uniquely designed to effectively be used to provide supplemental or extra light especially in large areas where indoor plants are grown. With its bar-shaped light bulbs, it can provide extensive lighting output to a large indoor space. So if you have a wide indoor garden and are looking for a cheap LED grow light that’s capable of covering the entire space, the Galaxyhydro 54W LED Grow Light Bar is the one for you.

It provides a perfect solution for plants that are grown in a large tent where LED lights may not be sufficient. It works perfectly for indoor plants, providing optimum lighting in dim and dark areas. Besides, this bar LED light can be used to provide light to one or two plants. All of the plants that are affected by its lighting output will develop instantly and become strong and healthy once they mature. The lights are designed with a reflective sheeting that reflects all the LED lights to the growing plants. With this system in place, you can guarantee that you’re not missing any plant as the reflective sheets will provide twice the lighting power that you need to grow your plants.


• The brackets are designed to freely rotate through 180 degrees
• Has more coverage than the ordinary 54W bulbs
• Is highly energy efficient

• Does not provide sufficient light
• Pose challenges when it comes to hanging
• Comes with no warranty

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2. Solarxia 45W LED Panel Grow Light

The second one on our list comes from the well-known brand, Solarxia. This 45W LED panel grow light is one of the best lights at a relatively cheap price. It is a popular supplemental light that provides 18W of LED grow light. Its powerful lighting output can provide the best additional lighting no matter the size of your indoor garden. It has two highly effective lights that come in form of movable bars. These movable bars can be adjusted and moved from one point to the other. That way, it can address the lighting needs of each plant in your indoor garden. As a result, you can position the lights in any position that you feel will provide the best lighting for your indoor plants. This feature makes the Solarxia 45 one of the most versatile cheap LED grow lights available in the market today.

The strength of this LED grow light is in the placement as it can be placed right next to the plant to enhance canopy penetration as well as coverage. It is really cheap, yet delivers the same performance and effectiveness as high-end grow lights. It’s safe to say that this cheap grow light is worth every penny of its price.

• Has a clip that allows you to hang
• Has movable arms that can be separated and positioned in different ways
• Has exclusively wide spectrum

• Its spectrum is not full
• Not very powerful
• Has no warranty

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3. TaoTronics LED Plant Grow Light For Hydroponic Garden Greenhouse

Taotronics is a well-known electronics company that sells high-quality products for a really cheap price. One of their best-sellers is their cheap LED grow light for a hydroponic garden greenhouse. It is a popular best selling brand for either supplemental or single plant lighting. It has 12 LEDs dominated with red and blue light with a broad spectrum. The purpose of the duo-tone is to replicate the natural lighting of the outside, which promote natural growth and development of your indoor plant. It is suitable for supplementing lights particularly around the edges of a tent. That way, it can cover up all the places inside your garden greenhouse.

The TaoTronics LED Plant Grow Light is the perfect complement to your indoor plant growing endeavors. It is appropriate for seedlings as well as cloning as these processes do not require intense LED lights. Because of its soft and subtle lighting effect, it can effectively copy the conditions of natural sunlight. Overall, it is incredibly cheap and has a one year warranty. So if you’re looking for a convenient and cheap grow light that delivers an all-natural lighting effect to your plants, then you’ve got to go for the TaoTronics LED Plant Grow Light.

• Has a broad spectrum
• Comes with one year warranty
• Compatible with 12W sockets

• Has a limited warranty
• Not powerful enough for a perfect product
• Not entirely full spectrum

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The best cheap LED Grow Lights under $100

4. BLOOMSPECT 300W LED Grow Light

100 may not sound as cheap as $50. But with the value you’re getting out of these cheap LED grow lights, it’s a bargain that you can’t miss out. One of these sub $100 grow lights is the Bloomspect 300W LED grow light. This LED light has gained popularity over the last few years because it produces 300W highly effective grow light and cost half the normal price of grow lights with the same light output. It’s a very powerful LED grow light for its price, able to light up a combined two to three rooms full of indoor garden plants. The design makes the Bloomspect a favorite as each individual light has a built-in powerful reflector.

The results are amazing as it can achieve 150% canopy penetration as well as high PAR output. It is ideal for 2’x2′ or 3’x3′ plant areas. But that’s not all. It even gets better as it comes with a cooling fan and aluminum heatsink. These added features are what entices buyers the most about the product. For $100, you get a very powerful 300W LED grow light that also has a number of perks to go along with it. When you buy this cheap grow light, you will get a three-year warranty as well as a money back guarantee of 30 days. So if you want the best bang for your buck, then investing in the Bloomspect 300W LED Grow Light is a very good decision.

• Comes with three-year warranty
• Each LED has a built-in reflectors
• Affordable

• Has more white light
• There are only a few sizes available

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5. Galaxyhydro 300W LED Grow Light

Galaxyhydro also has a medium-range 300W LED grow light of its own. It is a popular mid LED grow light and the 300W light are ideal for both small and medium indoor grows. If you want an upgrade to the cheaper 54W LED Grow Light Bar than this 300W LED grow light is going to be the ultimate package for you.

The best selling LED grow light became popular as it is cheap, provides a wide spectrum, and is suitable for both flowering and veg stages of a plant. This Roleadro product comes with a two-year warranty. With its less expensive price coupled with its amazing features and perks, the Galaxyhydro is a cheap LED grow light that’s very powerful and is worthy of your consideration.

• Well designed
• Made from durable material
• Has a 2-year warranty

• Cannot be dimmed
• Has no inbuilt reflectors
• Can’t be used for large-scale indoor grows

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6. MaxSiSun Dimmable LED Grow Light Series

MaxiSun is known for its innovative take on LED grow lights. It’s LED grow light series exemplifies that reputation very well. This is one of the cheap LED grow lights that is customizable. It is dimmable therefore allowing you to adjust and set LED lights to match the various growth stages of your indoor plants such as cloning, seedlings, flowering, and vegetative stage. With its customizable features, you can essentially tend to the needs of your indoor plant garden and make sure that all of your indoor plants will grow naturally.

It is equipped with durable and compact reflectors so as to enhance the level of canopy penetration by approximately 200% and improved PAR. It has an impressive warranty of three years. So overall, the MaxiSun Dimmable cheap LED grow light is an all-around grow light that gets the job done and provides useful customizable features that’s perfect for your specific indoor growing needs.

• Dimmable to fit different stages of a plant
• Has a three-year warranty
• Can easily be hanged as it has a highly effective daisy chain
• Fitted with a timer for dimming effects

• Limited timer features
• The manual does not provide full instructions

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The best cheap LED Grow Lights under $200

7. Apollo Horticulture GL-Series 180W LED Grow Light

This LED grow light is manufactured by Apollo, a popular name in the world of hydroponics. They are small, compact and equally powerful. Besides, it’s really light in weight and is equipped with a highly effective running fan to enhance ventilation. It’s appropriate for anyone who is starting out as the company is known to manufacture high-quality LEDs and even better, it comes with a two-year warranty.

• Has a two-year warranty
• Has an effective built-in fan
• Comes from a trusted LED manufacturer

• Is not equipped with full spectrum light
• Fitted with diodes of low quality that tends to burn out

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8. Morsen LED Grow Lights

Morsen LED grow lights are large and provide sufficient power and are ideal for lighting large grow areas. They are reliable, durable, and provide the needed intensity for a perfect product. Despite their high efficiency, they are really cheap. The combination of efficiency and cheap price is the reason why it’s an extremely popular grow light among growers.

• Provide full spectrum
• 10W individual LED so as to provide higher grow light output
• Comes from Morsen, a trusted LED manufacturer

• It is not dimmable
• It is bulky and large

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9. iGloEZ High-Efficiency Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Finally, we have a cheap LED grow light from iGloEZ. This high-efficiency full spectrum LED grow light is one of the best when it comes to providing consistent lighting output to your indoor plants. This is an incredible standalone LED grow light that is suitable for any indoor garden. The most amazing thing about this LED light is that it has an adjustable stand that allows light to be hanged from above. It makes the light more versatile hence loved by indoor growers. With its combination of functionality and versatility, the iGloEZ High-Efficiency Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is one of the best cheap grow lights that you should definitely try out.


• Has a highly versatile and adaptable stand
• Capable of standing on its own or it can be hung from an elevated point
• Has a full spectrum
• Energy efficient

• Only provide power hence not used for large grows
• Has no warranty

Conclusion on the best cheap LED grow lights

Cheap LED grow lights have transformed how indoor plants grow. They have made growing indoor plants a lot cheaper, easier and more effective. With LED grow lights, growing indoor plants became a very popular hobby. The availability of Cheap LED grow lights has taken indoor gardening into a whole new level. They provide sufficient light making it possible to produce high quality indoor grows. They come with features such as dimmable settings that can be adjusted to give perfect products. They are highly effective, available and affordable. Most of all, they come in cheap, giving everyone the chance to grow their indoor plants almost the same as professional growers. And if you want to check out the best LED grow lights in the market, check out our review.

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