Best Weed Grinder: The Ultimate Guide

If you just started smoking marijuana, you might not know how to grind your weed properly. While it is true that you can use your hands, or even use some other alternative way to grind it, you must consider buying the best weed grinder. It will make your life easier, and it will provide you with the best result.

  1. Benefits of Marijuana Grinder
  2. Types of Weed Grinders
    1. 2-piece Grinders
    2. 3-Piece Grinders
    3. 4-Piece Grinders
    4. Electric Weed Grinders
  3. Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder
  4. Blue Mandala 4 Piece Zinc Titanium Metal Herb Grinder
  5. OMorc Herb and Spice Kitchen Grinder with Pollen Catcher
  6. Mamba Electric Weed Grinder
  7. Best Herb Grinder By Kozo Grinders
  8. Summary

Many modern models of weed grinders are very portable, and some are even electric which make it easier to use. These weed grinders can also double as a storage for your stash. You can just grind your buds, and use it later.

But since marijuana has been legalized in a lot of state and countries, you can only imagine how many different types of weed grinders you can find on the market these days.

So, how do you choose the best weed grinder for you?

Benefits of Marijuana Grinder

If you have the perfect weed grinder, you will get more exceptional buds. You can even catch kief or hash by using weed grinders. Kief contains many cannabinoids which will give you a stronger high. It can also save you a lot of time because grinding it by hands can be time-consuming, too.

By using a marijuana grinder, it can enhance the flavor and the aroma of your weed. And since you are not using your hands, the trichomes will not stick to your hands which will make your bud more potent.

Whether you are going to smoke, vape or even ingest your weed, we strongly suggest you use a weed grinder first so that it will you a stronger kick.

Types of Weed Grinders

There are different types of weed grinders available in the market. We can categorize it by the number of pieces are included in the kit. Now, let’s discuss here the most popular types of weed grinders.

2-piece Grinders

2pieceThese weed grinders are the most common type that you can find. This is the most simple type. It only contains the grinding compartment and the lid. It is very very easy to use, and very portable. You can even put it inside your pocket.

3-piece Grinders

This type of weed grinder features an extra compartment that can make finer weeds that can pass through tiny holes. Even though it still can’t catch kief, you can be assured that no bud goes to waste.

4-piece Grinders

Among the 3 types of manual weed grinders, the 4-piece grinder models are most likely the best. It has a compartment that will catch the finer buds, and aside from that, it also has an extra compartment that can catch kief or hash. How cool is that, right?!

Electric Grinders

But if you do not want to use manual grinders anymore because of the added work, you can purchase the electric weed grinders, too. This type of marijuana grinder can give you more consistent ground weed, and it is very reliable.

It is also effortless to use. You will just have to put your bud in the grinding compartment and then push the button. After a few seconds, you will have your perfectly ground weed, and then you are good to go.

Now that we have discussed the benefits and the different types of marijuana grinders, it’s now time to reveal our top choices of the best weed grinder on the market.

What To Consider When Buying A Weed Grinder

Some people wonder how marijuana can have various textures when they are prepared almost the exact same way around the world. Well, other than having different kinds of weed, there is one more secret to a fine cannabis experience – a weed grinder. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the things you must consider before getting a weed grinder. 

Grinder Material

A grinder should be rigid enough to handle rubbing tension and pressure. At the same time, it must be made from non-toxic materials to ensure that the herbs are safe for human consumption. Therefore, there are three materials commonly used in making weed grinders. They are metal, wood, and acrylic. 

Wooden grinders are durable, and perfect for aesthetic-lovers. Metal grinders are abundant because they are easy to mass manufacture. While acrylic ones are the least hardwearing among the three, making them the cheapest in the market. 


The teeth shape and quantity plays a big role in producing quality output. The more teeth, the more pulverized the weed can get. In addition, grinder teeth also come in diverse shapes. There are slim ones, squared, and diamond-shaped. 

An exceptional grinder has around 50 teeth in any of the abovementioned shapes that are evenly spread out which gives a more consistent texture. 


Weed grinders are also distinguished by compartments. The more familiar single compartment grinder is relatively inexpensive. Taking the weed out from this 

can be a little difficult since the teeth are on the same surface. 

Then there’s the two-compartment weed grinder. With this type, the upper partition crushes the herbs as the single compartment grinder does. The lower compartment then 

catches the smaller herbs, giving you two segregated and consistent sizes. 

The three-compartment grinder is a lot more thorough in doing its job. The first two sections operate the same way the two-compartment grinder does. Its third section is meant to collect kief or pollen. 


On top of all these features to look for in a weed grinder, the price is always one of the most important details. Grinders that offer supplemental benefits are more costly than the typical.

More affordable grinders are advisable for starters and those that do not mind inconsistent herb sizes. On the other hand, advanced varieties may not be low-cost but are efficient and long-lasting. 

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder

This 4-piece weed grinder by Golden Bell is a popular choice among stoners. This is one handy device that can grind your weed correctly. It is made out of high-quality materials, and it is super durable. It can also provide you smooth grinding and less friction because of thin poly o-ring.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Very compact in terms of size
  • The price is a lot lower compared to other 4-piece grinders


  • The paint might chip off easily
  • Some might get irritated with a little noise it produces when grinding the buds
  • The kief or pollen catcher is a little bit hard to open

Our Verdict

This 4-piece weed grinder from Golden Bell is really perfect for new users. It comes at a very affordable price so it will not hurt your budget. Also, it does its job perfectly well. We really recommend it for your first weed grinder purchase.

Blue Mandala 4 Piece Zinc Titanium Metal Herb Grinder

If you want a nice looking marijuana grinder, then this Blue Mandala Metal Weed Grinder by Swagstr Grinders is perfect for you. This is a high-quality weed grinder made from stainless steel with zinc coating. You can grind your weed very quickly and faster than any other manual weed grinder.

Since this is a 4-piece weed grinder type, it has a pollen chamber. And as a bonus, it also comes with a pollen scraper! You can also use it as a stash jar because it is also smell proof so you will not have a problem if you are keeping it discreetly.


Only weighs 8 ounces
Cute design
It has neodymium magnets for a tighter and odorless seal
Can catch kief perfectly


  • The holes for the second chamber is a little large

Our Verdict

For the price, this 4-piece weed grinder from Swagstr Grinders is perfect. It is very compact and can grind your weed perfectly. And if you like to smoke kief, then it is really excellent for you because its kief catcher works very well. All in all, this is a durable weed grinder, and it is such a steal for its price! We highly recommend this model!

OMorc Herb and Spice Kitchen Grinder with Pollen Catcher

This weed grinder by OMorc is one of the most popular weed grinders among smokers. What makes it stand out among other 4-piece models is its amazing natural access chamber window. You won’t have to twist and open its lid to take the herbs out. It also has 54 razor sharp teeth that can grind your weed thoroughly.

The size of the holding chamber is perfect as it is large enough to grind larger buds and still, it won’t clog up.


  • The top chamber is very spacious, and it is perfect for grinding large flowers
  • Easy to use
  • Features an easy access chamber window
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to take out ground weeds


  • It becomes a little harder to open once used for a long time
  • Kief catcher needs some improvement

Our Verdict

We think most potheads will take a look at this weed grinder by OMorc and automatically assume that it is just like any other weed grinders on the market, but it actually has good selling points. It offers a unique concept as it features a remarkable easy access chamber window. You won’t have to open the lid every time you take out the herbs after grinding. We highly recommend this model!

Mamba Electric Weed Grinder

If you are tired from grinding your weed manually, then this Electric Weed Grinder by Mamba is perfect for you. It will crush your precious weed straight in the bowl! It is also incredibly fast. It can grind weed 20x quicker than manual grinders.

And since it is an electric weed grinder, no more wrist cramps that you can usually get from manual grinders. It is not as big manual grinders, but it is a breath of fresh air. It can grind your weed perfectly, and that is the most important thing.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t produce much waste
  • Good battery life
  • Offers 2-year warranty


  • It cannot grind larger buds
  • Does not hold a lot of weed

Our Verdict

This weed grinder is only perfect for people who do not need a lot of weed in just one grinding sesh. It can only hold a small amount of flower. But it is a good grinder. It does its job perfectly well, and you can even grind your weed straight to your pipe.

Best Herb Grinder By Kozo Grinders

True to its name, this Best Herb Grinder by Kozo Grinders is the most popular among weed smokers. It has a removal screen that is deep enough to hold more ground materials. This will allow you to grind larger flowers, but it will not clog up the chamber. It will not also spill your precious weed while opening the lid.

It has very sharp teeth that will grind your herb perfectly. And because it produces fine weed, you can be assured that your ground herbs will burn more efficient and will give you a stronger kick.


  • Large catcher
  • Can grind the more significant amount of weed at once
  • Can catch pollen or kief easily
  • Very sharp blades that are perfect for grinding
  • Lid magnets are so strong so it won’t pop off easily


  • The outside of the grinder is kind of rough (Though this is designed for better grip)

Our Verdict

The Best Weed Grinder by Kozo Grinders is genuinely the best. It is fun to use and very compact that you will want to use it very often. And because it can grind large volume of weed at once, you can actually save time. We recommend this weed grinder to everyone who wants to buy a new weed grinder.


Finding the best weed grinder can be hard. It can depend on how much weed you’re going to grind at once, but once you’ve learned the different types and functionalities of existing weed grinders, we hope it will now be easier for you to choose the perfect weed grinder for your needs. For more information on weed, check out this ressource. And if you are looking for which weed seeds to plant in the first place, check our reviews of Seedsman and Grasscity