Best Weed Eater Reviews & Guide on the Market

If gardening is a passion a weed eater is one of those must haves without which life is something next to impossible. Selecting a weed eater is not easy. Before buying of one available in the market, having a thorough study of the equipment being sold to you is a must. A little research about the weed eater’s long lastingness, the brand that it belongs to, its quality results etc should be understood to be necessary. There are a number of companies and brands from which one is free to choose the best weed eater for his lawn. However, while some are good, the others are bad, thus, the best thing to do while choosing the best weed eater for your lawn would be reading reviews about the product being sold.

Nevertheless, due to the vast availability of the options available choosing the best equipment for your lawn can prove to be a difficult task to perform. It is therefore, in accordance to the reason stated that we are providing you with a list to choose your equipment from. Each weed eater has its own area of expertise and defaults; we are laying them down before you to help you make the best decision of your life.

1. Black and Decker 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

The first product that we are going to deal with is one belonging to the pride of Black & Decker. First, it is the 40V battery style that defines the work quality of the weed eater. The battery life supports the long runtime of the equipment. It is mostly due to its battery life that the product is one of the best selling weed eaters available in the market today. Its cordless feature makes work easier and enhances the 40-Volt capacity by finishing off the work at hand faster than one can imagine. The Trimmer also has PowerCommand dial to help eat weeds that are thick and stubborn. It is the transmission design of the product that provides for extra cutting force to eat twice the amount of weeds when compared to a regular weed eater.

The rotational LTS136W’S head of the trimmer can be rotated for fast switches between edging and cutting. Apart from this, the equipment comes along with an Automatic Feed Spool system which again belongs to the house of Black and Decker. AFS as a system again works in accordance to a centrifugal force to mete out more line whenever required.

Another exclusive feature of the weed eater includes a fine auxiliary handle that handles cutting with a quick release. A 13-inch cutting capacity is noticeable while 0.065 line thickness is a positive outcome of the equipment when used. Other than this, what’s best about the weed eater is its capacity to convert from a trimmer into a fast moving edger.


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2. Black And Decker 20-Volt High Performance Trimmer and Edger

This attractive trimmer is a second entry in the list being provided.   What actually attracts the crowd towards it is its dual capacity of being a trimmer as well as an edger. This equipment is one that works well while consuming less battery. The 20-Valt battery goes hand in hand with the PowerDrive transmission. It is this transmission that helps in delivering power from the motor to the trimmer to help the task at hand to be completed at a rate faster than expected. The longtime running of this equipment works because of the fine runtime technology that has provided a dual accelerator for enhanced working speed. Apart from this, it is the Automatic Feed Spool that ensures ongoing continuous work without bumps and other distractions.

LTS420 in this fine working weed eater adds a dual mode switch that offers freedom to the user to choose between trimming and edging within a high power or unlimited run time. Moreover, since the equipment is one that works on battery it is environment friendly and can safely be used.

The trimmer is ideal for trimming areas that are congested with overgrowth of weeds. The edger on the other hand can be used with utmost ease and convenience to edge sidewalks etc. The equipment is easy to start. However, the best thing about its weed eater is its adjustable height and the easy moving pivotal handle that helps a person gain full control over it. The equipment never allows the user to force it into bumping for edging or trimming. It is cordless thus, allowing the user to move it with ease in whichever direction one pleases to do so. A wheeled guidance has been provided to its edges to help have a balance while working. The trimmer and edger can simply be rolled anywhere one pleases to move it; the wheel is always there for support. It is light, portable and absolutely user friendly. You can entrust utmost faith on it while selecting it for your lawn at home.

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3. Core Gasless CGT400 Powered Trimmer

This reliable product is the third and one of the best weed eaters being added in the list.  It is lightweight and portable and runs as long as a gas tank has the capacity to push an equipment into running for trimming. This equipment features a trigger start and is one that is well balanced. It has a high energy reliable power cell and comes along with a dual mode of control for the speed as well as the torque.

Its prestige is maintained due to its belongingness to the house of Core. The company has taken pain to design the equipment’s motor technology to help it to perform while being absolutely user and environment friendly. The product’s runtime is 70 minutes and is therefore perfect for small lawns maintained at home. Its specialty lies in its capacity to work on bumps with ease. The trimmer line is fine and works as a great cutter.

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The above mentioned products might seem to be few and limited in number. However, these few are the best weed eaters available in the market. Choosing from the options stated above would depend upon one’s individual choice. However, once one of the above is selected the choice would be worth appreciation along with undeniable admiration.