The world of lights has been revolutionized with the turn of the 21st century. People are looking at various options in terms of power consumption and the quality of light produced. This is the reason we bring to you the T5 grow light review. The T5 system was basically created by keeping in mind the reduction of power consumption, and while showing a good energy efficiency the T5 grow lights still assure you a great yield. What these fluerescent lights do is provide you with a substitute for sunlight which is utilized by the plants for photosynthesis and other processes. To know more about the T5 grow lights, let us look at some of the best T5 grow lights that are there in the market right now.

1. Agrobrite T5 2 Feet/4 Tube Grow Light

Having a grow light which can be both friendly and useful is a very rare combination but you will find something like that in these particular grow lights. One of the important features that you find in this particular product is the fact that it produces 40000 lumens but it does not produce too much heat. This also makes sure that no costly ventilation is installed which makes this grow lights more cost effective and also save space. Moreover you will also find two 120V electronic ballasts which are controlled by two different switches and they are mainly used to control two different kinds of lamp types namely flowering and vegetative. The light fixtures here have the potential of being in the daisy changed shape which enables it for unlimited expansion. You can use the light hangars that you get here to mount the lights.


2. Apollo Horticulture T5 4 Feet / 8 Tube Commercial Fixture

The next light to make its place in the T5 grow lights is this popular Apollo Horticulture product. One of the reasons that make these lights more popular is the fact that they are tremendously cost efficient; the reason for this is because they use less wattages. Plus it is also more cost effective in terms of maintenance. These bulbs are also known to be efficient with over 20000 hours of usable life on average. What is more exciting is that the bulbs here are actually small in size yet when it comes to brightness they can put the bigger bulbs to shame. One feature which customers look for in any grow bulb is the lumen depreciation rate and we can safely say that it is pretty less here with just 8% to 10% depreciation throughout their life.


3. Apollo Horticulture T5 4 Feet / 4 Tube Commercial Fixture

When we are talking about the best led grow lights then it is imperative that we talk about these T5 grow lights. One of the basic reasons why people choose it is because it is just perfect for providing superior plant health. What puts it so high on the list is the fact that root development under these lights is much more superior compared to any other lights. If you are looking to increase the photosynthetic response of the plants then the best thing to do is to place it just 6” to 8” above the plants. Moreover these are probably one of the more cost effective lightings and owe most of its credit to the fact that the bulb in the fixture uses a lot less wattage.


4. DL844s Ho Fluorescent Hydroponic Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs

The next product on our list of best T5 grow lights is this set of beautifully crafted grow lights. All you need to do in order to enjoy the beautiful light of the DL844s is to simply plug in and you are set. These lights are touted to be the next big thing for indoor greenhouses and indoor gardening and rightfully so. In order to make use of the lights, it is advised that you place it as close as possible to the plants. Moreover you make a chain of these grow lights by buying as many as you require. The fluorescent fixtures present here make sure that they emit enough light but don’t heat up the place too much. This was done keeping in mind that excessive heat is detrimental to plants.



5. Jump Start JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System

The Jump Start JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System from Hydrofarm is a highly rated, affordable grow light system that’s perfect for little seedlings, full flowers, small cuttings, and houseplants. The lights are incredibly efficient, and they help you grow your plants faster by putting out additional lumens – an additional 15% or more compared to your average grow light system. There’s an easy-to-use toggle clamp to adjust the height easily, and the fixture has a reflective finish on the inside that sends more light to the plants.


6. Apollo Horticulture T5 4 tube 2 feet Commercial Fixture with choice of bulbs

This is the third product from the house of Apollo Horticulture. Let us begin with the dependability factor of the product and we can say that it is pretty high here. Normally you will find that the rate of depreciation of lumens, which basically means the ability to retain lumen output throughout the product’s life, is very low; it usually ranges between 8% – 10%. The bulbs are pretty small but when it comes to producing light, it is pretty good. Moreover it scores high as far as health of the plants is concerned. The only thing that can be made better here is the ballast of the grow lights.


7. Hydro Crunch T5 2FT 4 Lamp Fluorescent Fixture

Lets us start by saying that if there is an environment friendly company who has been producing T5 lights consistently then it is this company. These particular grow lights have a rated lumen output of 16000 which is indeed something to be proud of. What makes them more attractive is the fact that you will be able to put them up in three different ways which include horizontal, vertical and overhead. As far as the question of authenticity and safety is concerned, the certification from ETL is more than enough to attest to that. Another feather to their cap is that their output is double than the other grow lights despite being a fluorescent system. Some customers did say that they would prefer if the longevity of the product is improved on.


8. DL824 Ho Fluorescent Hydroponic Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs

The next product in the best led grow lights list is here and it is beaming, quite literally. This product has lumen output of 10000. Moreover it is known as a powerful grow system. This is a feature which has made it so popular among the masses. The grow bulbs are very smartly designed. There are outer bulbs and inner bulbs and therefore for your convenience, you will find separate switches for them. The German hammertone reflectors of the product play an important part in the distribution of lights and it is also known to produce 30% more light than the other T5 lights. Again the problem with this particular grow light is the longevity which the company should look at more diligently.


9. Hydrofarm FLP24 T5 Designer 2ft 4-Tube System w/bulbs

These grow lights have been consistently making the customers happy and we believe it is time we put it in the list of the best T5 grow lights. The first thing that will surely make any customer happy is the independence of hanging the lights in a convenient way. So here you can place it overhear, horizontally and vertically. Moreover the lumen output of the light is a decent 8000 which is attractive to any average person who wants to own an indoor garden. The energy efficient designing is what attracts the horticulture specialists!


10. T5 Designer 2 feet 4 tube fixture with Bulbs -FLP24

The last product on the best led grow lights list is more than deserving to be in there. It is highly rated as one of the more reliable grow lights and has been a crowd favourite for delivering efficient performance regularly. One thing that makes it really special is the fact that its lumen output is more than enough for any environment. The product has a daisy chain system which will give the customers a number hanging options that they can choose from. Moreover they are known to produce double the light energy in comparison to usual fluorescent lights.


Conclusion on the best T5 grow lights

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 best t5 grow lights that are currently out in the market. We hope that our grow light review has been informative and helpful in deciding on the best product for your garden. All we can say here is that choose wisely and enjoy a healthy blooming indoor garden.

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