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Best Leaf Blower

In today’s modern world gardening is considered to be one of the best pastimes in one’s life. A fine-looking garden with some nicely growing vegetation can always be considered to be an attraction. However, quite more than often a gardener is sure to face certain difficulties while beautifying his garden. One such difficulty includes removing leaves that fall on the garden lawn from old trees surrounding the garden. This task is quite tiresome and somehow cannot easily be done in one go. It is therefore, in due accordance to this that the gardeners of the modern generation have adapted themselves to using the best leaf blower. These are convenient tools which, if chosen properly could prove to be extremely beneficial to your newly growing garden. You can read more about the benefits of a leaf blower in this article

Given below is a list consisting of the best leaf blower reviews available in town for you. Each blower has a set of qualities or traits. The reviews could prove to be a beneficial guide for first time shoppers or gardeners. And if you just want to know about the current leaf blower bestsellers, here they are :

How To Find The Best Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are a summer and fall staple outdoor equipment. Here are the things to consider so that you can find the best leaf blower for you. 

Type of Leaf Blower

All leaf blowers serve the same purpose: to blow those fallen and scattered leaves. However, if you want a more silent machine, need to work with a broader yard, or require something fit for heavy-duty work, then you might need a different leaf blower. Here are the three general types of blowers you can choose from. 

  • Handheld leaf blowers are relatively lightweight and portable and are chosen because of their maneuverability. This kind of leaf blower is perfect for small lawns, porches, or gazebos. It lacks the power to blow away larger debris but is capable of blowing light snow and sawdust without slowing down. 
  • Backpack leaf blowers are the choice if you need longer run times at more power. It can easily blow away twigs, pebbles, and metal shavings, and are the more ideal options for garages, and fields that cover a bigger area.
  • Walk-behind leaf blowers are the industrial-grade blowers used by professionals as it can blow away heavy paper, cardboard, and garbage on the ground with ease. 

Noise Levels

Keep in mind who will hear you when you are working on your lawn. Quiet machines are better for residential usage; you don’t want to have a problem with neighborhood complaints.  

Source of Energy

There are gas, corded, and battery-powered options. Gas-powered blowers can be harder to maintain but are more portable than corded options, while corded ones rely on electricity so are easier to maintain, but are limited by the length of the cord. Battery-powered blowers take the best of both worlds; the portability of gas models and the maintainability of corded models. 


You need to look at the CFM (cubic-feet-per minute) and MPH (miles-per-hour) numbers. Both need to be high. Most first time buyers only look at MPH thinking that the higher the number equates to more power. However, MPH only indicates how fast air comes out of the tube. CFM is the measure of the volume of air coming out of the tube and is the better indicator of how well the blower pushes air out. 

The Best Leaf Blower Reviews

1. Best Cost-Benefit :
Black and Decker BV5600 Blower/Vac/Mulcher

Topping the list this leaf blower should be understood as one that rules over the market. It comes along with the capacity of acting as one that is not just a leaf blower. The tool is also a vacuum cleaner as well as a mulcher. These added qualities ensure its uniqueness when compared to other leaf blowers in town. The blower is one that comes along with high performance. Its speed is something that has already been accepted and acknowledged by a number of users. It is the 12 amp inbuilt motor that enhances the speed of the blower. Being 3 in one the blower has made life easy as one can easily vacuum the leaves already blown and removed by him to one corner of the garden.

The product has 2 speed selections that making life easy for those whose gardens are small and have less leaves scattered across the place. Apart from this, the product is 250mph and is capable of grinding up to 16 bags of the leaves already mulched. Also, there are tools give to help one change the use of the product from a blower to a vacuum cleaner.

This high performance product is durable and reliable. You can go ahead to become a judge for yourself before taking any decision that could bring about a drastic change in your life today.

2. Best Product :
Husqvarna 350BT Back Pack Blower

This product has its own characteristics which defines its own being in the market of competition, clearly being the best product. The tool is a lightweight blower, thanks to the back pack construction given to it. Since most of the load is carried on the back, blowing the leaves off of your garden has now become easy and convenient. One can move around with ease, wearing the back pack while holding the tube to blow off unwanted leaves. However, one doesn’t feel a single pressure while carrying the machine on his back.

The inbuilt motor doesn’t vibrate thus, ceasing to cause any harm to the user of the machine.  What is best about this machine is the 2.1 HP X-Torque engine that adds up to enhance the working of the entire system. This engine has been built to increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. The machine comes along with an option to set the fan speed manually for easy use, thus making it convenient for the user. The excellent air purge in the tool removes air from the carburetor as well as the fuel system. This leads to an easy start of the machine.

The design has been built for professional gardeners as well as homeowners. It is midsized and comes within a family budget in today’s modern and expensive world.

3. Runner-Up :
Husqvarna Handheld Blower

The last product of the list is one that also belongs to the house of Husqvarna. The tool is gad powered and thus proves its efficiency when used in the garden. The product is user friendly. It comes along with a number of features that define is uniqueness and make it stand as an individual against a set of crowd.

The fan installed within the body of the tool is engineered in a manner most admirable. It plays a major role in keeping the air steam in line with the handle. This design is one that reduces stress on both the wrist as well as the arm. Thus, maintaining the fact that it is absolutely user friendly and best suited for all gardeners. The product has a stop switch that automatically resets itself for an easier start. Also, any person can set the fan speed manually for easier handling of the tool. The tool is lightweight and is capable of being stored in any corner of your household. The tool’s blowing tube length can be easily adjusted to help the user complete his work in a hassle freeway. Also, since, no battery is actually required the tool is one that is less expensive as the user doesn’t really have to worry about spending money on batteries each time they are exhausted. Reports state that the tool is durable and long lasting and the tubes are thick enough for a long term duration course.

However, one can easily become a judge by knowing more about the tool. What is guaranteed is that its user friendly nature would never allow an onlooker to leave it alone. Its style talks about it while the review holds your hand and takes you to it. If your garden is one that requires regular maintenance thanks to the number of leaves scattered across the place, this smart tool is definitely a must have for you.


Gardening is incomplete without leaf blowers. The reviews given above could prove to be a useful guide for first time gardeners. Professional too could make a good use of the reviews to go ahead and shop the best blowers for their garden today! A leaf blower is a must have for people who love to maintain the beauty of their garden. Read also on how to maintain your leaf blower. And if you want to know even more about leaf blowers, check on Wikipedia

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