The best humidity controllers for indoor growing

When growing cannabis indoors, you have to be very careful. You have to pay attention to the various needs of your cannabis plants. You have to know the importance of the environment inside your grow room. For you to grow a crop with good quality, you must have control over the humidity levels and the temperature that your plants are exposed to. One of the most overlooked aspects is the humidity. Most growers don’t know it, but humidity is imperative for your plant. It helps in determining the resilience of your plant. In this article, you can read why humidity levels matter and we present the most popular humidity controllers.

  1. Why Does Humidity Level Matter?
  2. Titan Controls Saturn 5 Controller
  3. Titan Controls Saturn 4
  4. LTL Control Element 2
  5. Summary

Why Does Humidity Level Matter?

At every stage of growing cannabis, your plant requires constant water intake. The amount of water they need changes based on the humidity level in the room. If the level of humidity is high, the plant will use leaves for absorbing moisture. If the temperature inside your grow room is hotter, then it can hold larger amounts of moisture. As a result, the plant will use less water from the roots. In case the humidity level is low, the plant will drink more water from the roots.

The right humidity levels are:

  • For cloning 70% to 80%
  • For vegetative 40% to 70%
  • For flowering not more than 40%

As the humidity changes how much water your plant intakes, it also affects the nutrients your plant takes in (for the best nutrients, read this article). When you are in control of the humidity level, you can have control over your plants nutrient consumption. This is the reason why you must have control over the environment of the growing room.

Furthermore, if your growing room has poor humidity management then your plant will have various problems. It might include:

  • Bud might rot or mold
  • White powdery mildew
  • Not enough nutrients will turn your plant brown
  • The growth of your plant will be slower

We looked around in the market and here are some of the best and most popular humidity controllers we found:

Titan Controls Digital Environmental Controller w/ Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Timer, Saturn 5

An inexpensive choice in humidity controllers is the Saturn 5. This system has an advanced controller that allows you to adjust the temperature, CO2 and humidity levels. This controller is perfect for big grow rooms as it has a 15-foot long sensor. You can even use it as a timer.


The Saturn by Titan Controls is an advanced humidity controller that lets you control the temperature, humidity, and C02. You would think that if a device can do a lot of things, it would be very expensive. But fortunately, it is not. You wouldn’t have to pay a lot for this controller as some other models that you can find, but it does a fantastic job.

If you are planning to grow cannabis for a long time like many other indoor growers and you are worried about the warranty, you’d be happy to find out that Triton Controls’ warranty can be requested upon request. It is great because you will be using this device for a long time.

And most importantly, this remarkable device from Titan Controls features a 15 ft. sensor that will be beneficial to your plants. It can even maximize the growth potential of your plants. It can also result in a bigger and higher yield. But that’s not all, you can even have a fuller and denser flower that you can only imagine.


One of the things that people looking for is a CO2 PPM Meter, and too bad that it does not have this feature.

You would also be surprised that there are not lots of reviews out there, and it might be the reason why you are holding back from buying this model from Titan Controls.

And lastly, if you are only planning to grow medium-sized plants, then it will be a little expensive for your setup. You might want to consider buying a different model because this device is specially made for bigger grow ops.

Our Verdict

For us, this is the best humidity controller on today’s market. It can do a lot of things, and it perfect for growers who have a larger indoor garden. You would notice a big difference with your precious cannabis plants if you use this humidity, temperature and c02 controller. This controller is great for growers who want to have a larger setup but have a tight budget. We strongly recommend this model.

Titan Controls Saturn 4 Humidity Controller

The top of the line humidity controller by Titan Controls is the Saturn 4. This controller is a great choice as it has a wide range of features. You can control the night setting, CO2, humidity and temperature levels. The controller is wireless which enables you to adjust the setting from 150 feet. Moreover, it lets you know when your grow bulb needs to be changed. This is based on the hours they have been active.


The Saturn 4 Controller by Titan Controls has incredible features like c02 integration, humidity and temperature control. And you can even use this device without worrying about the cables getting tangled because it offers wireless control up to 150 feed.

It also offers additional features like notifying you when you need to change the bulbs, which is very cool, by the way. With this feature, burnt out light bulbs will be a thing of the past.

Professional growers will love this device because it can be used on a larger setup.


This device should at least be 8 feet away from the sensor. You have to make sure to follow this warning as it can result in negative effects on your cannabis plants.

It also does not come with a warranty. But it can be arranged if you request it from Titan Controls’ customer service.

Our Verdict

If you have been growing your own cannabis plant for some time, and you consider yourself a professional grower, then we recommend this fantastic product to you. It will work great on a much larger setup, and since you are a professional grower, we are sure that you won’t mind the expensive price tag of this model from Titan Controls.

LTL Control Element 2

The LTL Control Element 2 controller is also a good choice for managing the humidity level. This controller is perfect for growing cannabis in a small sized room. Though this not an expensive controller, it has most of the same features like the top-line controllers. With this controller, you can control any device daytime and nighttime. You can also change the levels of humidity, CO2, and inline fan. This controller will work best if you have a separate timer for the lighting system.


The Element 2 Controller from LTL Control will let you control your inline fan or dehumidifier. It is also a c02 generator, and you can even use it during the day or night.

You would be shocked to learn that even though this device does everything you are looking for a humidity controller, it does not come with a high price. It is very affordable compared to the other models that offer the same features as this one.

It also comes with a 3-year warranty which can come in handy especially if you are a massive grower.

It also features a daytime and nighttime settings that let you have fuller control of your indoor garden.


This device from LTL control will not let you control as many devices as the other models. It might be a problem if you are planning to use it on different devices.

Also, if your setup is larger, then you should look for another model of humidity controller. While this device is fantastic, it will not be good for more massive grow ops.

Our Verdict

We strongly recommend this humidity controller from LTL control to new growers who do not have a large budget for indoor growing. It is quite amazing for its cheap price tag.

But remember, do not buy this humidity controller thinking it will perform as well or better than the more expensive models because it can’t. However, it does its job well, and you will not be hurting your budget.

To Sum It All Up

As you can see, there are different benefits that come with using humidity controllers. We hope that our guide has taught you more about the amazing functions of this small, but fantastic device. And we also wish that we were able to show you the things that you should look for in a humidity controller.

We wrote these reviews to help you narrow down your choices and to educate about humidity controllers. If you chose the correct model for your setup, it would be very beneficial to your plants. It can help you achieve the fuller buds that you’ve always wanted.

Now that you know more about humidity controllers, you can now find the best model that can meet your growing needs, and that will work with your budget.