Best Garden Tiller Reviews & Market Guide

Tilling a garden can be tiresome. For those with gardens meant for growing vegetables and fruits, tilling the space required for the same has become a part of their regular routine. A truth universally acknowledged, in this case, is the actual hard work that goes into the business. After spending an hour or two in digging the compacted piece of land, one is sure to get tired. This tiresome job might even lead to back and muscle aches for those who have already crossed thirty years of their lives. It is in accordance to this that the modern generation has been able to discover an easier way to dig and fork land with the help of a garden tiller. And this is why we created this complete guide to help you find the best garden tiller.

Tiller is the name given to the tool for doing the same. A garden tiller can be used on a regular basis to break up the soil in order to help plants cultivate. Not much of labor is actually required while using the tool and this has further instigated people into purchasing it. Buying a garden tiller can be difficult, thanks to the many options available in the market. That is where our guide comes in to provide you with the best three options available in the market. You can go ahead and choose from them if tilling your garden is a task you desire to complete without hesitation. Each of the options provided below has a set of pros and cons. Read them well before taking your decision on which garden tiller to buy.

What To Consider When Buying A Garden Tiller

A tiller is a significant investment to make, so you need to make it count. Here are the things you need to consider when buying a garden tiller. 

Size of Garden 

The tiller you will buy will mostly depend on the size of your lawn. For small gardens, a mini-tiller, sometimes called a cultivator, is enough. For mid-sized lawns, you will need a larger and more powerful tiller with at least a 5-horsepower engine. For the largest of gardens, you will need a heavy-duty tiller with at least a 6-horsepower engine or more. 

Use Of The Garden Tiller 

If you need to break heavy clay soil to make new plant beds, you might need a bigger and more powerful machine, as they have attachments to make the work easier. Medium-sized tillers work best for garden maintenance, and small tillers are best for fixing already established beds. 


The machine’s ease of use must be another consideration. If you have a relatively small frame, you don’t want a tiller that can overpower you. Also, many large tillers are hard to turn or maneuver. However, if your work entails digging into the soil, small tillers tend to bounce off it. Find the right compromise between weight, maneuverability, and function you need. 

Source of Power

The energy source of different tillers vary. You can use oil or gasoline to power them. Some are powered by electricity. There are also various engines, some two-cycle, and some four-cycle engines. Take note of the advantages and disadvantages of each one before deciding your preferred power source. 


While shopping for tillers, you will surely hear talk about front-tine, rear-tine, and counter rotating-tine tillers. These are related to the wheels’ position: front-tine tillers have the wheels at the back, rear-tine tillers have the wheels in the end, and the counter rotating-tines have wheels that rotate counter-clockwise. Each kind has its benefits, so check it out before deciding on the equipment to buy. 

1. Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator

The first item to top the list belongs to the house of Earthwise. The company has worked its efforts in creating the stainless steel design that enhances the durability of the product. This particular tiller is one of the finest available in the market today. It works with the help of electricity and has the capability to complete a particular given task within a matter of a few hours. It tills a given plot like that or even better than the hands of a professional gardener. However, this tiller cultivator consumes 120 volts and this is exactly something that is known to enhance its power of speed.

The tool comes along with 11 inches cutting width capacity. This works well on both small and big gardens. Apart from this the dual 4 blade tines made out of stainless steel ensures the work to be done in parallel lines. The eight and a half inches cutting depth helps soil separate to make way for proper cultivation of plants on a timely basis.

The tiller comes along with a long handle that helps a gardener complete his job with ease. The handle can be used to push the tiller forward without any discomfort, whatsoever. The wheels having a rough texture enhance the job further. Thus, we have placed before you one of the best tillers available in town. Make it a point to become a judge today while rest assured with the fact that the product is long-lasting and is sure to come within a family budget.

2. Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller

This fantastic tiller is a second entry in the list of best tillers available in town. The strong and powerful body of the tiller always seems to be appealing to the eyes on an onlooker. The fact that the tool is a front tine tiller proves its capability to till and break soil. The Stratton engine along with the 208cc Briggs are major features of the front tine tiller. Apart from this, the tiller comes along with a 12, 24 and 26 inches adjustable tilling width. It also consists of the adjustable drag bar and depth bar which helps work to be done at a pace faster than expected. Recoil start is one of the best features of this tool making it unique when compared to the other tools in the market. A 20 ft. of weed clearance is guaranteed by the tool.

A number of users have reported that the tiller is useful in till 2/20 feet of the flower bed. However, the product doesn’t really come along with clear instructions, which has caused confusion amongst users in the initial state. So far, as per a number of reports, the tiller is doing really well for itself. It hasn’t caused single destruction and has proved itself of being one that tears into dry compact soil to break it in order to encourage plantation. The tool is reliable so you could go ahead and become the judge of the day. Once seen the product could never be denied.

3. Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

Having its place last in the list doesn’t make the tool anything less when compared to its competitors in the market. This electric garden cultivator is an efficient worker. Its body has an excellent inbuilt motor that helps the wheels move forward when pushed. The machine has rotating blades that help it break the soil with ease. It is the electric motor that, when switched on, helps the blades rotate fast to ensure quick work.

The product is further equipped with an up to 16 inches tilling width and 8 inches depth. It has a powerful 12 amp electric motor that helps to till of land at a pace quicker than expected. The tool can always be relied upon. It is one that is known to complete chores with the help of 6 forward rotating tines. These tines are considered to be ideal for vegetable cultivation. They prove their excellence by turning the soil till five inches deep. This advanced tool has been designed not only to turn soil but also to dig and tear through the same.

What is best about the product is its lightweight and its texture. It is one that is portable and easy to push forward when tilling the land. Thanks to the long handle attached one doesn’t require to use force while moving the tiller forward. The body of the tiller is well balanced to help users use it without any difficulty. The tool comes along with 6 steel tines that have sharp tips that could be used for digging, tearing, and turning of the soil.

Apart from everything else mentioned, the entire system has been designed in a way that could be controlled when used on flower beds, tight spaces, and vegetable gardens. The tiller is best suited for new gardens. Gardeners who have newly enrolled themselves in a serious task like tilling should make it a point to choose this product. The product comes within the family budget. The tool has become extremely popular amongst youngsters belonging to this brand new generation. Thus, if you wish to have a garden with excellent cultivation, this electric garden cultivator is a total must have.

Conclusion on our garden tiller review

Gardening and cultivation go hand in hand and a garden tiller is a tool that enhances the rest. Our reviews given above should be taken to be a guide to choose the best against the rest. We hope this was helpful, for more information on gardening you can check out this ressource.