Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Christmas Gift Ideas around LED grow lights and weed

  • Under $20
  • Under $50
  • Under $100
  • $499 and more

Christmas is approaching fast, and you rather start thinking about a nice gift for the pot lovers amongst your family and friends – or even for yourself!

So before the last-minute desperation sets in (it will, anyways), have a look at our list of ideas for different kinds of budgets. For each budget, we selected a few different ideas so you hopefully will find something for your loved ones:

Under $20

Marijuana Gift Wrapping Paper

Cannabis Killer Scented Candle—90-hour burn time

This massive candle turns the scent of cannabis into an innocent waxy smell.

Skyway Viper Doob Tube

Watertight and odor-proof, these tubes keep blunts fresh. They also have child-safe squeeze-tops.

Dope Turtle Grinder

This premium grinder is made from aircraft-grade aluminum so it’s light and tough. It comes with three pollen shovels and a lifetime warranty.

Raw Rolling Tray with 110mm Roller and Raw King Size Supreme Rolling Papers

Under $50

Premium Glass Hookah for Two

This eleven-inch tall traditional hookah is a best-seller. The stylish glass bong comes complete with hose, pipe, ashtray, bowl, and tongs. If you want to share in the fun, check out these hookahs for two.

420 Four Twenty Cannabis Appreciation Day Novelty Zippo Lighter

A classic Zippo lighter for weed lovers.

Evergreen 4 Piece 2.5 inch Tobacco, Spice, Herb and Weed Grinder

The Evergreen 4 piece Herb Grinder is made from aircraft grade aluminum and cut on specialized CNC machines. It has a high-tech design that minimizes friction for a smooth grind and is perfectly suited for herbs, tobacco, weed, marijuana, cannabis, and spices. The powerful neodymium magnets ensure secure lid closure and there is a screen that allows the pollen to fall through. The 2 ½ inch blades do a great job of cutting the weed to whatever coarseness the user wants. Plus it has a lifetime warranty.

Large Marijuana Stash Box Kit for Cannabis Accessories

This is the largest stash box around including 7 pieces with all natural unfinished pine wood, 2 large size bud bowls, medical cannabis jars, pipe cleaners, raw organic rolling papers and all natural essential oil resin spray cleaner.

Marijuana Leaf Galaxy Print Hoodies

This super soft pullover hoodie with a big hand-warmer pocket has a psychedelic ganja leaf print right on the front and comes in different colors.

Under $100

THC Molecule Necklace in Sterling Silver

This THC necklace looks like the molecule. It is 2 inches wide and made of beautiful sterling silver attached to a 16- 18 inch sterling silver chain. The pendant and chain come in a recycled paper gift box. It is a piece made by scientist turned artist Raven Hannah, PhD. known for her THC artwork.

Stashlogix EcoStash

This stashcase keeps your weed locked away safe and comes in two styles: beige hemp and black nylon. It has a 3 digit programmable combination lock and a charging port, dividers for all your accessories, an odor absorbing packet with bamboo charcoal and storage jars with relabeling pen.

$499 and more

Cannaseur One Mahogany with lock + 2 Jars

This precision-handcrafted airtight mahogany humidor will keep up to two ounces (50g) of medicinal marijuana in optimal storage conditions. Made from 100% solid wood, handpicked and sustainably sourced it is lockable for safety and security. It features the Patented Micropore Core™ humidity regulation technology and a german-made precision hygrometer for maintaining optimum humidity.

Phoenician Elite Grinder

There are different types of grinders from Phoenician, but all are the elite of the high-end grinders. They are made of 6061 aerospace aluminum (quality aircraft grade aluminum), and plated either with copper, chrome over even 24-karat gold (that’s the elite of the elite). If you want to give a gift that will not be forgotten, then the Phoenician Elite Grinder is it. The design is wonderful with an exterior lobe gripping design that allows for multiple grip options. The proprietary Fast Lock System keeps weed as potent as possible. The screens are changeable and the top has an ashtray and a holder for rolling papers. It has the coolest look around and a wonderful feel.