Apollo Horticulture T5 4 Feet 8 Tube Commercial Fixture

Like never before we bring you this Apollo Horticulture lighting system for the healthier and optimum growth of your plants indoor. This Apollo Horticulture T5 Commercial Fixture has a set of 8-54W fluorescent bulbs which gives you the option to choose from based on your requirement. By this you can control the power consumed by these light fixtures and provide the maximum constructive output to your plants.

Apollo Horticulture T5 4 Feet 8 Tube Commercial Fixture

Apollo Horticulture T5 4 Feet 8 Tube Commercial Fixture

These lighting devices provides just the appropriate amount of light required in terms of providing the right amount of heat for the plant growth, different in different phases of it life cycle.

Some feature that we look out for:

  • The device and be hanged in three ways, vertical, horizontal or overhead, providing the maximum range of light intensity to the plants around.
  • The package includes the Apollo Horticulture Lighting System with 8-54W T5 Fluorescent Bulbs and a 7.5 inches grounded 120V power cord.
  • The fixture measures about 48*24*2 inches in length breadth and height respectively.
  • Electronic ballasts are used to increase the efficiency of the product.

According to statistic this device is one of the top selling products in our LED grow light review. Let us now go through the pros and cons of the product and judge for ourselves if this product is good in itself at all.




3 ways heating

The 3 way heating system provides the maximum efficiency for the product. Thus this product has a huge range of intensity and a wide range of area can be attended at a particular time. These in turn provides the optimum conditions of temperature for more plants in the green house or grow tents or simply the indoor garden at a time.

Cost effectiveness and Affordability

This Apollo Horticulture lighting device has been voted as one of the best LED grow lights by the users because it is available at an affordable price and this can provide more intensities of light at lower costs as the power consumed by them in minimum. The reduction in the power consumption reduces the electricity charges without compromising on the amount of heat available for the plant growth. You can select your bulb depending on your requirement. This product is available at just $159.95.


The bulbs can last for about 20000 hours before it need to be changed. The fixture on the other hand can be used over and over again for years at a stretch.

Light weight and small size

The shipment weight of this product is just 28.6 pounds and measures to 48″ x 24″ x 2″ as already mentioned earlier.

Better and healthy plant growth

This product is suitable for all phases of the plant growth, be it the fruiting, flowering or simply the growing phase. The efficiency of the product goes without any question and it promotes the best growing phases of the plants.


The bulb circuits are not hardy

The bulb circuits are not so durable and in a year or two they consume the power and fire up in some cases with consistent use.

Particular fixtures for particular bulbs

The fixtures are so constructed that they can hold only thin bulbs in them which in turn might be a little too tricky in handling and installation for the first time and also be of trouble in the long run. The bulbs might get spoilt easily.

All these points considered we provide this one of the best LED grow light for the photosynthetic phase of your plant. Use it to know more about it and be satisfied.

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