Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED 400W Full Spectrum

Do you have a knack in gardening? Are you a nature lover? Then we would suggest you take a look at this product. It is a LED light that provides the best suitable atmosphere and temperature conditions for the growth of plans indoor. If you are new at this you may ask, why Indoor? So here we are to clear your doubts and tell you about this product in details.

This Apollo GL80X5LED Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is for large scale use. Growing plants at an optimum temperature for a particular phase of its growth is very important for a healthy plant. So growing them indoors and then if you wish you can bringing them out in the open at the natural environment is what you should be doing for beautiful plant growth in your garden. This is one of the best LED grow lights available in the market today and is affordable as well having a lot of wonderful and attractive features to look out for.

Some features of this Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED 400W LED Grow Light:

  • It consists of 80 High output 5W chips for comparatively larger heat generation.
  • It measures about 13.2 * 13.2 *3.75 inches in length, breadth and height respectively.
  • It covers a large spectrum of light. Ranging from 430nm to 730nm with a few exceptions in between. It can cover a particular wavelength of white light also.
  • Lifespan of 50000 hours is guaranteed.
  • The shipment pack contains a set stainless steel hanging clips, a power cord, a 400W LED grow light and an instruction manual.

This Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED 400W Grow Light just helps in the ultimate growth of your indoor garden and it has become one of the best LED glow lights today with a lot of satisfied customers already using them conveniently. Now let us take a look at the pros and cons of this product.


Durability and longevity

When it comes to such products the customer generally look for the durability, because it is a onetime buy and that they would invest only if they knew that this product would give them good service for a considerably longer period of time. So let us assure you this product can last for 50000 hours in total.

Easy set up

The set up is very easy and can be done by the user himself. No installation charges are required. Simple, quick and hassle free setup is what we provide, saving you the extra buck for installation.

The whole purpose

This Apollo Horticulture product allows you to provide the optimum temperature for your plant growth even in the adverse of the conditions. You can have a warm temperature indoor to promote the different phases of the plant growth. This can be used on a large scale in case of grow tents, green houses of simple for in house gardening. The 400W LED provides just the appropriate amount of heat required for the different phases of plant growth, producing healthy plants.



It is a little overpriced for first timers. But if you take the features into consideration you would not hesitate to pay that amount of course only if it is in your budget.

Range of the light

The plants need to be kept very close to the LED light for best results, which means the vicinity in which the LED works is limited. This might limit your number of plants.

All this taken into account this product stands out in our LED grow light reviews.

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