Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W Reviews

LED lights are the lights of the future now! These define how bright the world will be in the coming few years. Before we delve into this product, let us first discuss what an LED light is.

What are LED lights? In the simplest of terms, we know LED lights to be lights that consume minimum power and prove to be much brighter than ordinary light. Well, this is true. But more technically, this is a light made from light emitting diodes. It emits light in a very narrow wavelength. If you are to get white light from LED lamps, it will be worked out as a mixture of red, green, blue or a phosphor will be used for converting light to other colors.

Now, what are grow lights? These kinds of lights are used for producing an artificial source of sunlight that is used as a source of energy for the plants helping promote photosynthesis in them. The electromagnetic spectrum emitted by these grow LED lamps are perfect for the purpose of photosynthesis.

Having understood what these lights are, let us introduce you to one of the best LED grow lights available in the market. This is Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W. Apollo has been a household name in this category. Using the best and most advanced forms of technology, they have been making horticulture and indoor gardening much more convenient.

Let us look into some of the features of this LED grow light:

  • This light has a diameter of 10.5″.
  • The area covered by this light extends up to 2.5′ x 2.5′ or 5 Square Feet.
  • The contents of the pack include: an LED light set, one cooling fan, one stainless steel hanging kit, one power cord.

This LED grow light is perfect for your in house garden! You can grow your plants and practice horticulture with these lights. Let us now look in to the pros and cons of the product.


The whole process!

This product is perfect for the whole process of gardening. Whether you are planting the seeds, growing the plants and even when the flowers bloom and eventually you get the fruits, the lights will be with you from seedlings to harvests! It caters to every stage of plant growth. Once you install these, you can be rest assured that your plants will stay well till the end of harvesting!


The whole idea behind using LED grow lights is to promote the growth of photosynthesis using artificial sources of light. But these lights have specific functions. The Apollo Horticulture GL60LED can be used for horticulture purposes, greenhouse systems and water systems. If you are into hydroponic plants, this is an ideal product. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil in water. The energy required for this process is obtained from the LED grow lights.

Life span and durability

This is one of the best features of this Apollo horticulture light. This has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours which is indeed very impressive! The latest technology ensures that these lights last a long time. The 2 years warranty is testimony to the efficiency of the grow lights.

No excess heat generation

These lights are known for minimal heat generation. Excess heat can be very detrimental on the health of the plants. But these lights are rather safe. The temperature is carefully maintained. You can keep your plants very close to the lights and yet they will stay in the pink of health.

How is this Apollo light different from the others?

This is different from the other LED grow lights in the fact that it doesn’t require a ballast in its functioning. Also, the low heat production is another factor that differentiates this light from the other products in this category.


Heat escape

This is one of the problems the users have been facing with this grow light. There is no proper sink for heat escape. There is no separate duct involved. It blows out in the room. Even though there is less heat generated, but the mode of heat escape is something that can be worked on.

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED is indeed one of the best LED grow lights in the market. The features and advantages are a testament to this fact! It will keep your plants in the pink of health!

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