Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light 450w 12-band

In this modern day and age, technology has really taken our lives by storm. LED grow lights are another such innovation that could change the way we carry out our gardening activities. If gardening is your passion, then we have the perfect object to help your passion grow. For starters, let us deal with the basic question: What are these grow lights? These are nothing but an artificial source of lighting for your plants at home. These take care of the energy needs of your plants like nothing else. All horticulture enthusiasts can explore the options for grow lights for best results.

Here, we bring to you one such grow light that will really benefit your plants at home. The Series P450 grow light is the ideal option for you. Let us know in details what these grow lights actually provide us with.

  • The Platinum lights provide the maximum intensity. This helps your plants and they get an appropriate substitute for natural light.
  • The dimensions of the product are: Width 11 inches, Length 19 inches, Height 3 inches.
  • It comes with a 12 band spectrum that includes the perfect combination of Ultraviolet lights to Infrared radiation.
  • The whisper quiet fans present in the grow lights will make sure that the temperature doesn’t go beyond a certain limit and the most comfortable environment is provided to the plants.
  • There are 2 switches for the convenience of the user. These include the Veg or Flower switches.
  • The grow light effectively replaces a normal 600w HPS light and does so at a much lower consumption of energy. The 5 year warranty adds to the list of efficient features in the grow lights.

These are merely the features of the product. For a more practical analysis of one of the best LED grow lights, we need to look into the pros and cons of the light. This will give us a clearer picture of what we are getting into.


  • The Series P450 grow light is compact in size. This means that you can fit it in any corner of the garden. This doesn’t take much space.
  • Platinum gives us the most efficient light sources. This is because platinum lights give the highest lumen output per watt. This means you will get 2x to 3x intensity of any other ordinary light, at reduced power consumption.
  • These grow lights give you the most efficient and finely tuned light spectrum. This improves the photosynthetic response of the plants.
  • You can place these lights very close to the plants without having to worry about these getting disturbed by the light.
  • The product comes with 90 degree focusing lenses which ensure that the light can penetrate into the deepest corners of the canopy.
  • These LED grow lights are ideal for your garden plants right throughout their life cycle, from the process of seedling to the time of harvest.
  • The best quality LEDs are used for this product made by the top companies of the United States. Also, there is zener protection to prevent the lights from getting damaged.
  • The LED drivers are supremely efficient, providing the best output for the least possible input.


  • Even though the lights are rated at 450 watts, each of the bulbs is effectively 320 watts. This is done to increase bulb life.
  • The grow lights are ideal for a 3×3 room. But for slightly larger dimensions, you need to be careful about your choice.

The most attractive feature of these grow lights is the Platinum build. These can surpass the other varieties of grow lights in the fact that they give you sufficient light intensity consuming only a fraction of the total power. This means you are awarded with better photosynthetic response and higher yields, lower temperature for growing the plants and higher efficiency. All these features combine to give you a great gardening experience and that is why this particular product is one of the best LED grow lights in the market. These are especial good for hydroponic cultivation where the plants are grown in water, in the absence of soil.

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